January 8, 2013

Up to 100K!

Week of Dec 31 ~ Jan 6

104K, to be exact, on five days of running, so not a bad week.
Still have some issues with the right knee and left hamstring, but not serious. Well, serious enough to keep me from running as fast as marathon pace, but not to keep me from doing 20k and more runs.
As Ewen surmised, I'm sticking to 2 on, 1 off and trying to up the pace/distance somewhat.
Clear and cold every day.

3:00 - 20km broken up into 6/8/6 with 200m walk breaks. Pace per km 5:42/5:08/4:43, as planned. A pretty good run. And my weight got under 62kg.

3:00 - 24km broken into 6km x 4. Easier pace, all around 5:40. Knee and hamstring ok, but quads sore!


Decided to cut back distance a bit these two days.
2:00 - 15km broken into 5km x 3.
27:49/25:42/23:11 @ 5:34/5:08/4:38, as planned.
Not feeling so great, though, seem to be getting a cold.

3:30 - 20km broken into 5km x 4.
Very easy pace - knee a bit sore and quads sore.


11:00 - 25km with walks after 10K and 15k.
There's an onsen (hot spring facility) near my house, so 11 club members came out to run along my regular bicycle path course and then take a hot spring bath. I did a very easy pace for 16km with Chih from Singapore and Frode, a visitor from Norway, then picked it up the last 9km with Aussie Keren Miers. It was a very pleasant day.
Note: these hot spring places are very popular not only up in the mountains, but also in Tokyo. They have numerous baths, including outdoor baths, plus various types of massage, and a restaurant. Very nice, and not at all expensive. Apparently, if you drill down deep enough anywhere in Eastern Japan, you'll hit hot spring water.
Despite it being very near my house, however, I rarely go. My wife, for some reason, is not crazy about it, and it's usually rather crowded. In fact, there's lots of people there from early morning til late at night, every day! It's a great business, that's for sure.


  1. We'll have lots of hot-spring baths too before long - with all the gas fracking going on.

    Another good week there Bob. I'm tempted to try the 2/1 cycle, but maybe 2/1 cross training.

  2. If Japan didn't have Onsens or Sentoos I wouldn't live here. Seriously the best thing about this country, for mine. " 2 or 3 times a week for me, more in the winter time!