May 7, 2012

Good Runs, Nice Weather and Allyson Felix

Week of April 30 ~ May 6

Ran: 15/13.8/10.2/4.8/20/0/10 — 73.8km / 46mi.   6:23

3:15 — 15k in 1:11:56 @4:48/k
26:34/24:45/20:35 @5:19/4:57/4:06
Stiff and sore first 4k, 2nd 5k was ok, pretty smooth, 3rd 5k I just pushed all the way.
Weather: 22C/72F, 50%, cloudy
Weight: 61.7kg

11:00 — Gym workout
3:00 — 4.8k easy to and from Fuchu track.
600m x 5 in 2:11/10/10/8/9 (walk 1:45)
About 87 per 400m, which is Michelle Stolle's 1500 pace.
Good pace with minimal rest - the 4th and 5th were a bit harder.
Weather: 22C/72F, 50%, cloudy
Weight: 62.3kg

7:30 — Club track workout.
1000m x 6 in 4:03/3:53/53/54/55/57 (jog 200m in 2', walk 1')
Rain, puddles and chilly temp not conducive to good running, but managed a good workout.
Weather: 15C/59F, rain

3:00 — 4.8k easy run to the Fuchu track. Just watched the workout and rode back in the van. Legs very tired.

11:30 — Gym workout.
3:30 — 20k in 1:37:20 @4:52/k
26:02/25:33/24:02/21:42 @ 5:12/06/4:48/20
Felt surprisingly good. 26:02 first 5k means my legs felt pretty good. Sore last 5k but not too bad.
Weather: 18C/64F, 70%, sun-cloud-lt rain
Weight: 61.9kg

TELL (Tokyo English Life Line) charity race, of which I am the co-race director. Had about 700 people, beautiful weather.

9:30am — 10k very easy
Afternoon — Went to the Golden Grand Prix track meet in Kawasaki, Tokyo. Allyson Felix was the biggest star - she won the 100m despite a poor start. There were a few good Americans, lots of Australians, and a good 3000m steeplechase with 3 elite Kenyans and 2 Ethiopians. It was fun to watch, even with some rain toward the end.


  1. The Aussie girl Melissa Breen is still chasing an A-qualifier (11.29) - has run within .02! Also, Neil's (one of our runners) daughter won the 400H, but has already qualified.

  2. Yes, she looked real good in the 400H.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my let post Bob. I saw that track meet in Kawasaki on TV from the comfort of my living room. Looked windy too! Plenty of stars! would have liked to go myself.