April 29, 2012

Five Good Days

Week of April 23 ~ 29

Ran: 10.8/10.4/8.2/13.5/24/0/0 — 66.9km / 41.5 mi.  5:43

Five pretty good workouts followed by two days of rest.

3:00 — 10.8 with the track team girls. Out at 5:15/k, back at 4:30. Last 5k 22:27.
Felt ok, hamstring slightly sore.
Weather: 16C/61F, light rain

11:30 — gym workout
3:00 — 2.2k warmup and warmdown.
400m x 8 in 80/80/80/80/80/81/80/81 + 1 easy (all with the girls)
80 sec. between each one, 6:50 walk after the 4th.
200m x 5 in 40/40/39/38/37  3 min. walk after each.
A pretty hard workout, esp. in warm weather.
Weather: 24C/75F, sunny
Weight: 62.2kg

7:30pm — 5000m time trial on the track. 19:31
Splits: 3:51/55/55/57/52. Last 400 in 90.
Planned to run 19:30, so this was ok. Felt pretty good. Followed some guys the first half, then led them the second half. About 50 club members did this time trial. There were five guys in the low/mid 17s.
No soreness at all (took 450mg of ibuprofen 2 hours before).
Weather: 17C/63F
Weight: 62.0kg

3:00 — 9.6k to/from Fuchu track at moderate pace, but picked up last 2k to about 4:30-40/k.
300m x 3, 600m x 1, 300m x 2. All very easy. 300m jogs in between.
Weather: Chilly rain

4:00 — 24k in 2:06:37 @ 5:17/k
Splits: 28:29/27:14/25:33/25:16/20:03 @5:35/27/06/03/00
Felt just "ok", but legs getting more and more sore and tired from 15k.
Weather: 16C/61F, light rain
Weight: 62.9kg. Huh? I have to lose weight!

I should really be running more distance to prepare for the half marathon on May 15th, but can't do that while running with the kids 3 days a week, so this will have to do. Actually, losing some weight is more important...but is proving to be difficult.

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  1. Not sure I can help you with losing weight, apart from cutting out sugar and beer - which is bloody hard to do!

    Nice week by the way. Glad the hammy is hanging in there.