April 15, 2012

A Little Better...

Week of April 9 ~ 15

Ran: 11/5/10.2/7/25/0/15 — 73.2km / 45.5 mi.  6:31

Not a bad week...feeling a bit better.

The day after a 10K race, but since I only ran 40:05, I figured I could just keep training.
3:00 - 11k run from the American School along the Nogawa river, which is lined with cherry trees, which were in full bloom, so that was nice. 57:44 - out in 26, back in 31 with a tired boy. Average pace: 5:15/k. Legs were tired, but not sore!
Weather: 22C/72F, sunny
Weight: 62.7kg

11:30 — gym workout
3:00 — Easy run to/from a new track near the school that we rented.
Quads sore (from the Sunday 10K, I assume).

7:30pm — track workout. 3.2 WU. 1600, 1200, 1000, 1000, 800, 400
6:48, 4:54, 3:59, 3:57, 3:12, 1:38. Not trying to run fast, just 4:00/k pace.
Hamstring a bit sore. Very cold by the end.
Weather: Rain that got harder, temp that got colder.

3:00 — To a track near the school. 300m x 8 with the "getting faster" girls (we don't say "slow").
First few in 70secs, then 65, then last two in 64 and 61 — very good for the girl I was running with.
Weather: 22C/72F, sunny
Weight: 62.1kg

11:30 — gym workout
3:00 — 25k in 2:08:40 @5:09
27:51/25:55/25:12/24:36/25:02 @ 5:35/09/02/4:56/5:00
Felt ok after 5k, although legs kind of tired. Butt sore last half, but not too bad.
Weather: 21C/70F, cloudy
Weight: 62.3kg

Supposed to be a HS track meet, but called on account of heavy rain.

2:00 — 15k very easy in 1:26:17 — legs heavy.
Weather: 16C/61F, 30%, could
Weight: 62.6kg

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  1. 61 for a 300 is good for a "getting faster" runner. 10 x 300 was a standard session in the old days - I should try it again - probably be back around 70 secs each now!