May 20, 2012

Easy Week with Fun Ekiden at the End

Week of May 14 ~20

Ran: 0/0/15.4/9.6/0/6/9 — 40km / 25 mi.  3:36

Rest after Half Marathon on Sunday


3:00 — Easy 7k (approx) with two girls on the track team.
7:30 — Club track workout.
Only 1.2k warmup. Felt stiff on first 600 and 800, then good on the 1000, ok on the 1200, real good on the 1000, then tired.
Weather: 23C/73F

3:00 — 4.8k School to Fuchu track and back at easy pace.

11:30 — Gym workout
Rest day

6:30pm — 6k very easy in 34:00.

Mari Tanigawa Ekiden (she's a famous Japanese marathoner, now retired).
4-person teams, each person running 5K. The club entered 3 teams. It's a very large (Men's and Mixed team races, with about 600 teams each), but not high-level, more low-key and friendly, ekiden.
I ran my team's first leg in 18:53, which was not bad considering I had basically no warmup and it was a hot day. Legs were ok (recovered from the Half), I felt pretty good and worked hard.
Our team finished 43rd, our A team was 21st.
Beer and kebab afterward while cheering for the other runners, it was a fun day.
Weather: 26C/79F (approx. - anyway, it was hot in the sun)
Weight: 61.1kg

Next week will also be mostly easy, then the following week, or maybe from the coming weekend, I'll start my new hard summer program, which I'll tell you about next week.


  1. The Ekiden sound like fun.There's nothing like that on this side of the world.

    Well done on the solid half last week, not bad at all given your preparation. What's next for you in terms of "A" targets.

  2. Wish we had Ekidens! The old long road relays from the 80s were fun.

    Thought I recalled the name - looked her up and yes! She ran Gold Coast one of the years I was there.

  3. Nice to be in same team as you Bob! Thanks for energizing us all and getting us good start with fastest split of our 4 man team. Yes we are lucky to have ekiden in Japan, as the team spirit then develops from the lonely sport of running.