October 24, 2010

A Tear, Not a Cramp

Week of Oct. 18 ~ 24

That's tear as in muscle tear, not as in tears of pain, tears of rage, although I suppose tears of frustration would be appropriate.
Yes, two guys in the club, who know what they are talking about, immediately diagnosed my problem as a muscle tear, not simply a cramp. A search for "muscle tear" yielded lots of good results, so I am stretching my foot, wearing compressions socks, getting some physiotherapy, and mainly, resting until it gets better. Since it is a tear, this will be a while.

Anyway, it will get better eventually, hopefully in time to salvage some kind of a decent run at the Tsukuba Marathon on Nov. 28th.

This week I ran 6k on Monday and Tuesday with the kids, which even though it was an easy pace was a mistake (got the diagnosis on Wednesday, otherwise I would not have run), but it was their last practices, so I kind of wanted to run with them.

Did weights and core exercises on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, with 8 mins of step on each day, plus 20 mins on the elliptical trainer on Fri. and 20 mins on stationary bike and 15 on elliptical on Sat. Just 15 or 20 minutes on that elliptical trainer drenches me in sweat.
And did a lot of walking today (Sunday), which does not seem to have had a bad effect.

By the way, since it is a tear, the cause was not simply dehydration, but overuse. That is, too much hard training and not enough rest after the half marathon. Sound familiar, Scott? I hope we have both learned our lesson. And that anyone else reading this can learn as well.

Good running...I hope to be joining you soon.


  1. sorry to hear about the tear, bob....hope the resting is not too much of a shock for you!!! take care.

  2. Sorry to hear. Hope you are better soon.

  3. That's tough Bob. I'm not running long but still got a few calf tears to show for it. Recover wisely.

  4. I hate to give Ewen credit but he called it in your last post "Sounds like it might have been a strain or a slight muscle tear rather than a cramp"

    As for making mistakes...

    Yes, but as long as we learn but we did get to this age and we are still making mistakes so I wouldn't bet the house that this will be our last one ;)

  5. Thanks Scott. I'm a renowned expert at diagnosing injuries from blog posts.

    Bob, hope you're on top of it soon enough to salvage a good result at Tsukuba. I had a tear of the soleus once and rested for a couple of weeks. My advice would be to wait until it's not hurting, and cross-train with water-running.

  6. Wow, that's a shame Bob. Hope you are able to rest (I never am when I should but want to when I should be training) and heal it up soon.