October 4, 2010

Sort of a Recovery Week

Week of Sept. 27 ~ Oct. 3

Plan: 0/9/7/8/10/20 - 54km
Ran: 0/10.8/8.6/9.1/0/13.8/10 - 52.3km / 32.5 mi. 4:53

Recovered quickly from the half marathon on Sunday - enough to run a 19:03 5k on Wed. night, which is not so bad for me these days.


11:00 - weights and core at gym
4:00 - 10.8k. 57:00. New hill course with kids. A road with a wide sidewalk that goes steadily uphill for about 2k. We ran the upper part, which is a bit steeper. Boys ran 800m, girls ran 700. Ran one with boys and 3 with girls at a good pace. Legs a bit tired, but felt ok. Plus warmup and warmdown.

7:30pm. 8.6k. 5,000m time trial on the track in 19:03
3:49/54/51/43/45. Last 400 - 88.
Hoped to run 3:50/50/50/40/40, although I knew that was too ambitious. Had a good warmup, but was still a bit stiff the first k. Then felt ok, and felt good the last 2k.
I would like to run a 5k race in cool weather just to see what I could do. The USATF USA Masters 5k Championships was on Sunday. 60-64 group was won in 17:11 by a 60 year old. That's pretty fast. I could maybe run 18:11.
Temp: 21C/70F
Weight: 59.5kg

3:30 - 9.1k. 64:00
800m x 8 in the Tama Cemetery with the girls and ASIJ 3200m record holder Sara Wilhelm, who is back in Japan for 3 years. Great to see and run with her again (she graduated in 1996).
3:24/10/08/08/06/59/56/01 (walk 2:15 - 3:15). Legs felt ok.
Weather: Fairly hard rain.

11:00am - weight and core in gym
No run. Legs felt ok, but didn't want to push my luck (did 3 fairly hard days after a half marathon).

AM - At the ASIJ cross-country meet. 2.5k with super masters runners Susan and Mary. 2.5k running around the course in 500m bursts.
6:00 - 8.8k at Juergen's house up in northern Saitama with 10 other Namban runners. 49:30 @5:36/k. Not easy running in the dark....

5:00 - 10k. 54:50. Left knee slightly sore.
Temp: 22C/72F
Weight: 59.9kg.

I said I wanted a 5k time, but I will get a 10k time next week, as I will run a small 10k race on Sunday. Will run pretty hard with the kids on Mon, Tues and Thurs, so the taper will be Friday and Saturday. Back to long distance the following week (marathon is Nov. 28th).


  1. I agree Bob - 17:11 is quick for 60. As well as cool, still conditions, if you were in a competitive race (and had tapered a bit) with a group running 18-minute pace I reckon you could hang with that.

  2. What's the Nov 28th marathon's name Bob?

  3. The Tsukuba Marathon. 12,000 runners. Well established race, pretty flat course.