November 26, 2009


Week of Nov, 16 - 22
16th Week of 18-week marathon program
Program Menu: 88-92km. Actual Run: 80.6km (49 mi.)
Less mileage, but two pretty hard days.

PM: 11k w/ 8 x 100m striders
AR: 11k @ 5:56 w/ 8 x 100m striders
Wt: 60.6kg

PM: 19k@4:48-5:14
AR: 16k@ 5:09 (5:23/4:55)
No time to run 19k. Felt very stiff going out (into cold breeze). Coming back felt better, but still not smooth. Managed to run last 4k ok (in rain).
Wt: 60.2kg

PM: 8k w 6 x 10m strides
AR: 6.6k @ 5;21 w 6 x 100m (good striders at track)

PM: 8k recovery
AR: 0 Had to go to Epson in Nagano pref. Decided to rest.

PM: 14-18k w/ 8-10k race.
AR: 20k. 7k@5:21, 13k@ 4:21 (marathon pace)
Splits: 4:22/22/29/19/16/19/22/18/21/24/20/23/22
Race effort is too hard - decided to do MP run. Felt easy for 10k, but legs a bit sore last 3k
Time: 5:15pm
Weight: 59.6kg
Shoes: 220g
Temp: 11C/52F

PM: 27k@4:48-5:14
AR: 27k@5:06 (5:14/4:58)
Felt stiff going out but ok coming back. Legs getting sore last 5k. Two hard days! Does not seem like a taper....



  1. Yes, after almost 18 weeks of consistent training and racing it will maybe take more time to shake off the tired feeling and have your runs feel like a taper (less taxing).

  2. Bob, I agree with Scott (did I say that?). This is the stage of 'less is more'. Time to freshen up.

  3. You can probably not gain anything in the last two weeks whilst you can certainly go backwards.
    A gentle taper is the way to go.

  4. i agree with's time to rest. you run more of a chance of injury now as opposed to any appreciable improvement. chill, bob...see you in a week!

  5. It seems the opinion is that is it time to TAPER. Nothing can be gained by pushing too hard and too long into the taper period. The taper is the time to recover and freshen up.

  6. GOOD LUCK!!! Run well. Look forward to hearing about your race.

  7. Well done Bob. Another good run. Great effort.