November 16, 2009

Nice Runs, Nice Tanuki Family

Week of No. 9 to Nov. 15. 15th week of 18-week marathon program.
Program menu: 110k. Actual Run: 110k (68 mi.)
Good week highlighted by sighting of 4 tanuki (Japanese raccoon dogs).

PM: 16k. 10k + 6k @5;30-6:00
AR: 16k. 10k@5:45, 6k@5:56
Just recovery runs.

PM: 18k w/ 5 x 1200 @ 5k race pace
AR: 23k@5:04 (5:19/4:50)
Did wrong workout - did last Tuesday's by mistake (looking at wrong column).
Bought and wore new Nike shoes - Air Zoom Speed Cage+. They felt good. Legs also felt good.
Time: 5;30
Temp: 18C/64F
Weight: 59.6kg
Shoes: 240g (new marathon shoes)

PM: 23k
AR: 9k. 2k warmup, 5 x 1200 (200m jog in 2:30) in 4:38/36/33/39/27 (at night on track).
5k race pace (18:30) is 4:26, but that was impossible due to fairly hard rain, cold and running alone. This was a good pace and a good workout. Actually better to have done the 1200s today on the track.

PM: 13k w 8 x 100m strides
AR: 22k @5;22 (5:27/5:18)
Felt ok, although quads sore last 5k. Made up for missed 9k yesterday. Didn't need 100m strides!
Saw two tanuki behind the fence in the woods surroundingt Tamako (Tama reservoir). Then on the way back, four were there! Quite surprising, thought you would have to go much further up into mountains around Tokyo to see tanuki, if at all. Nice to know that there are some wild animals still around. They looked just like the one in the photo.

PM: 8k@5:30-6:00
AR: 8k@5:55

PM: 32k@4:48-5:14
AR: 32k@4:59 (5:07/4:50). 2:39:18
Felt stiff and tired before running, but laid down for an hour and then felt ok. Felt fairly good out and better coming back, although legs pretty tired last 5k. Last 2k in 4:40, 4:35.
Drank 1/2 carbo/protein gel before the run and carried one.
Time: 3:00
Temp, humidity: 16C/61F, 75%
Weight: 59.5kg
Shoes: 240 new Nikes


  1. I see these critters around here in very built up areas and wonder if they are only in for a visit and where they sleep during the day?

  2. I saw a US racoon in Oregon - they're pretty interesting fellas.

    Good to see the training's holding together well Bob. Not long to go!