November 9, 2009

Slow Start, Fast Finish

Nov. 2 — Nov. 8. 14th week of 18-week marathon program.
Program Menu: 96-103k. Actual Run: 84.3k (53 mi.)
Zero k Monday but good runs on Friday and Saturday.

PM: 14k with 5 x 600m strides.
AR: 0k
Legs sore last week and did a hard run last Saturday, so decided to take Ryan Hall's advice (pre-New York video) and get enough recovery. It was good advice, but for racing strategy I guess I'll look to Meb for advice.

PM: 23k@4:48-5:14
AR: 23k@5:08 (5:22/4:54)
Legs stiff going out, also into cold wind. Coming back quads were a bit stiff and then sore.
Time: 12:15
Temp: 13C/55F
Weight: 59.6kg
Shoes: 240g

PM: 10k with 6 x 100m strides
AR: 12k. 8k@5:57 (4:30), 4k@6:10 (7:30)

PM: 8k@5:30-6:00
AR: 8k@5:48
Easy pace, felt ok.

PM: 14-21k with 8-15k @ race effort
AR: 14.3k with 10k hard effort in 39:25.
Splits: 3:57/52/56/4:00/03/01/00/3:54/39
Did not feel motivated to run really fast. Also have trouble running fast in dusk/dark. Felt good, though.
Time: 4:45
Temp: 16C/61F
Weight: 59.6kg
Shoes: 192g light racers

PM: 27k@4:48-5:14
AR: 27k@4:57 (5:05/4:49)
Felt fairly good. Legs not tired despite yesterday. Last 5k legs getting sore, but also felt strong (a bit strange, but a good feeling). Got in a zone and ran in well (last 2k 4:42 and 4:40).
Fastest long run (continuous) so far, and after a hard 10k!
Time: 3:30
Temp/humidity: 18C/64F, 65%
Weight: 59.7kg
Shoes: 240g



  1. Looks like the training is going well. The 38.58 for 10k is a great time.

  2. Good to see you are remaining on track with the training Bob.

    The title of your post is interesting as it also describes my love life of late ;)

  3. Scott, I thought it'd be "slow start, then snoring".

    I like how you can run a sub-40 at will in training Bob. Yes, take Meb's advice - don't let the leaders get away at any time!

  4. relish the rest days. see you soon