January 7, 2018

Happy New Year (Happy meaning no injuries)

Haven't had much to report - more eating and drinking than running.
2017 did not end too well, running-wise, as I picked up some hamstring issues. Was looking forward to running a good 10K at the East Japan Masters Championships on Dec. 16, but was worried about the hamstring. It was ok - for 5k. At that exact point it began to tell me to slow down, so I did. Too bad, but I was at least able to finish.

So, have been resting and running easily, and seem to be pain and injury free. I'm planning to do nothing but long, slow runs for three months to build strength. Work up to two and three hours every day. I'll do the occasional interval workout, but not all-out.

I don't run races in the winter, so you may not hear from me again for a while. Hope to read some good results from you guys, however.

May we all stay injury-free in 2018!!!


  1. Interested to see how the 2 to 3 hours daily for building strength goes Bob. Bad luck re the hammy. Hope we can all be injury free this year. That is key to running well!

  2. Hi Bob. A friend of mine is visiting Tokyo and would like to do some runs with your club. Could you send me a contact address? et5000m [a] gmail [dot] com Thanks.