November 6, 2016

Nice Half Marathon Tempo Run

Week of Oct. 31 ~ Nov. 6

79.3km / 49.3 mi.  7:38 running time

109 mins. (17k), split up into three parts, middle part easy with HS girls team.

Rest day; gym workout

Club workout 1000m x 6 in Yoyogi Park.
Felt pretty good, had another guy to run with on each one.
Planned to kick the last 500m and did.
11C/52F, 75%, chilly

Same as Monday, with 10 mins. pickup in the middle 6k with the girls.

Gym workout and then 80mins easy run. Legs feeling tired.

Rest for Half tempo run tomorrow.

Namban Rengo 10K/Half and BBQ. We had almost 100 people (inc. kids) come out to the Tama riverside for some serious racing (?) and some serious eating and drinking (!).
I had planned on doing 10K, but realized that a Half at tempo pace would be good training, and a good test, two weeks before my Half race. Was thinking of doing about a 4:45/k pace, and clubmate Yuichi planned the same as a training run for his marathon in two weeks, so we stuck together for 15K at 4:50 pace, which we settled into naturally. The course was 5k out and back (extra 1.1k after 10k) and the wind was with us going out, which you don't notice, and against us coming back, which we did notice, as it was damn strong. Time was 1:43:17, with about 40 seconds water breaks. 5k splits were 24:00/24:18/24:03/24:26 (plus the 1.1k extra), so it was a good effort. Legs were getting a bit tired and tight the last few k, but had no problems.
Now to see if I can get under 1:35 for the Half on Nov. 20. I don't consider that a great time, but I also don't think I'm really in half marathon shape.


  1. A nice workout there Bob. All the best for the 20th. I'll make a prediction now if you don't mind ... 1.31.57 ... weather permitting.

  2. Good training HM there Bob. 4:30s for the race seems perfectly reasonable to me.