August 7, 2016

Can You Say Hoka One One?

Week of August 1 ~ 7

84.9km / 52.7 mi.    8:27

So I got a pair of Hoka One One's, which are great. Cushiony but quite light. And despite being 20g heavier than my previous Brooks, I run faster in them, without trying to! I guess I'm just springing along.
Interestingly, in fact, rather astoundingly, according to a video by the Hoka CEO, the correct pronunciation is not 1, 1, but "onay, onay". No one knows that!
Onay onay is Maori for run with the wind or something like that.
And Hoka is a French company, which not many people know either. Their main athlete "face" is Manzano, the US 1500 runner, so everyone assumes they are an American company. Live and learn.

Monday - Rest, physio

Tuesday - Gym workout, 80 minutes. 60.7kg

Wednesday - Massage, Intervals in the park, 1000 x 6.
4:06/02/00/02/05/3:56 (150m walk,jog, 3:00)
Finally back down to 4:00 pace, so getting back into shape. Had to work for it, though. Hot and humid night, too.

Thursday - 80 mins - faster pace than I've been running, in the Hokas. Physio

Friday - Gym, 100 mins. 59kg.

Saturday - 64 mins.

Sunday - 118 minutes (20k) with Fabrizio. 33-34°. 60.1kg


  1. I knew about the weird pronunciation 'cause I have a friend who sells them. Which model Bob? I've had the old Bondis (heavy) and the Clifton (very light).

  2. The Clifton 2. Clifton 3 is out, so the 2 was on sale. The new one, Clayton, has gotten very bad reviews. It gives you a blister on the arch.

  3. Great week Bob. Your patience has paid off.

  4. Great to see you back in shap Bob and good choice about Hoka...i switched to Hoka over a year ago because of an injury caused by the way my foot hit the ground and the relatively high mileage... The ratio weight/cushioning is amazing (due to the structure of the foam I read)... The Hoka Clayton and Tracers are even lighter than the Clifton (clifton 2 was heavier than 1 and 3 is apparently heavier than 2 but they introduce a range of proper race shoes alongside Clifton... Tracer is under 200g and still feel much more cushy than comparable race flats)

  5. Hi Arnaud. Did not know about the Tracer. Will check in my running store next time I'm there.