April 6, 2014

Not Much Distance, But 3 Good Workouts

Week of Mar. 31 ~ Apr. 6

43.6km / 27 mi.

3:30 - 10k. 6.4k easy and 100m x 6 strides with the HS track team.
3k alone in the park in 14:53 @ 4:59/k
17C/63F, 30%, sunny

3:30 - 8.6k. 2.3k warmup and warmdown. 400 x 8 on the track with the 6 fastest girls.
85/82/80/79 85/81/81/79. 2:00-2:30 walk in between, with 400 jog in between sets.
Good workout!
15C/59F, windy

3:30 - 5.3k easy with the team.
7:30 - club track workout 1000m x 6. Only 1.2k warmup.
3:54/52/52/54/57/47 (100m walk, 100m jog)
Felt ok, legs a bit tired.

Have run 8 days in a row, so took a rest. Hard rain anyway.

Another day of rest.

First HS track meet. Top boy ran a 4:18 1500m (with no competition), which is not bad.
4:00 - 12k in 57:05 @4:45/k
32:41/24:24 @ 5:27/4:04 (with good stretching after 6k)
Legs fresh after two days rest! Even so, felt a bit stiff the first 6k, but then felt good once I got going the second 6k. Was surprised to go through the first k in 4:02, so kept it up pretty well and ran the last one in 3:55.

Fulfilled an obligation as a member of a Japanese family by going with my wife and family of cousins to a Buddhist temple and graveyard for the first anniversary of my father-in-law's death. The Japanese take these things seriously, in that they feel obligated to do it, so do it. There are ceremonies after 49 days, 6 months (I think), 1 year, 3 years, 7 years...maybe others. You go to the temple and the priest chants for 10 minutes, then gives a 5-minute explanation about some aspect of Buddhism (usually paradise, today he mentioned that the/some Buddhist gods were derived from Greek gods, which I had never known, nor did the wife and cousins. Have to look that one up.) Then you give him $300. Basically, these ceremonies are a way for the priests to make money. Then you go and wash the grave (where all the family ashes are stored) and put flowers and incense on it. Then you go for lunch and beer. It's a two-and a half hour trip for us, so it was an all-day affair. Nice to see the cousins, anyway.


  1. Hi Bob!! It looks like the HS track team is in full swing. I think it's so great that are still running with them. They are so lucky to have you there. I just started blogging on my exercise blog again. I have been involved in mountain biking since I have been here in addition to my running. You should go and check it out. I am signed up to run the Boulder Boulder 10K on Memorial Day! We will see how close I get to breaking my PR.

  2. That's a lot of work for a beer Bob.