April 20, 2014

10 Miler in 1:05:34 for Age Group 4th Place

Week of Apr. 14 ~ 20

3:30 - 8.6k easy/moderate run with team.
3.9k out in 22:06 @5:26, in 16:57 @4:21, +slow .8k
A bit sore from yesterday (13k up/down), but ok when running.

12:30 - Weights/core workout
3:30 - 8.3k with 2k warmup, 400 x 4 xc 2, 150 x 2
83/83/81/81 83/83/81/79 25/25
Legs a bit stiff and tired, but worked hard.
21C/70F, sunny, windy

7:30 - club track workout
1200, 1000, 1000, 800, 800, 400, 400
5:04, 3:59, 4:03, 3:26, 3:27, 103, 103
legs heavy and tired (but not sore). Ran the 1000s at a decent pace, but cruised the others, easy on the 400s  (first 400 was supposed to be 800, but cut if off).

3:30 - track workout with HS team.
100 x 4, 300 x 4 x 2
300s in 67/68/66/69/71/66/66/64 with 2nd group girls
Legs very stiff on warmup, but ok on 300s.
22C/72F, sunny



Kasumigaura 10 Mile Race
This race is in Ibaragi pref., 70 mins northeast of eastern Tokyo, so a trip of about 2.5 hours from my house (left home at 5:10am). It's a big marathon (16,481 men), big 10 Miler (4,169 men) and a 5k. Add in the women and a few thousand in the 5k and it's an event with 25,000+ people. 10 Mile start was at 9:20.
I was hoping to run under 67, possibly under 66, and ran 65:34, so was quite pleased.
The course was good, basically flat with about 4 fair-sized (not difficult) hills, and temperature was about 11C/52F with a slight wind.
I felt good from the start and settled into a nice pace. Soon found myself running alone, but it seemed that I always had people to catch up to and pass (I was maintaining my pace, they were slowing down). Felt fine the entire way, although I had to push the last 2-3 km to maintain the pace - legs were getting tired. Had a slight kick at the end, but not much.
Splits were 4:06/00/12/09/07/3:59/05/06/01/06/03/3:52(?)/4:15(?)/07/3:59/4:30 (1.09k). Aver: 4:04/k
This got me 4th in the 60s, out of 784 men. Overall 117 out of 4,169.
Clubmate Mike Trees from England won the 50s by 2 minutes in 54:40 (he's 52), 29th overall.
As an interesting aside, I was thinking that it's quite possible that I was the only person in the race who ran faster than his age (mine is 66). It's very doubtful that anyone in the 50s did, and the only two in the 60s who could have were 1st and 2nd in 61:30 and 63:30, but hey, they were probably 60.
Did not get any prize - top 6 (10?) in each division got a medal with the place number - only! Cheap race!
Winner was a pro runner from the Yakult team (beverage co.) in 48:??, 2nd was a university runner also in the 48s.
Next up is a half marathon on May 11th. I should do some 10k tempo runs before then - 21k will be quite a bit harder than 16.


  1. great time and awesome result, bob, not only the ag place, but also the overall place. congratulations.

  2. Great result Bob and a very measured run with such even splits - obviously your experience is showing through. Running a 10 miler faster that your age is a very interesting concept - i'd have had to be on the podium to do that, which puts your achievement into perspective.

  3. To run that much under your goal time. Well done Bob. I somehow wouldn't be that surprised if you shoot a 65 regularly out on the golf course too!

  4. Running a 10 miler faster than your age is pretty damn impressive - a rare achievement, much respect!

  5. Congratulations Bob. Breaking your age in a 10 miler is some feat. Nice time! Did that and quicker when I was half your age! Should have set the Garmin for mile splits. Unusual to see an imperial race distance in Japan.