November 3, 2013

18:57 5K — I'll Take It

Week of Oct. 28 ~ Nov. 3
72 km / 44.7 mi.

Rest - recovery from 9K "race" on Sunday

Rest and gym workout

7:30pm - 9k with club 5,000m time trial
18:57. Splits: 3:47/47/49/51/43
Felt great. Had three guys to follow, which helped a lot. Surprisingly, went past them all in the last k. Even had a good kick. So while it's not "fast,' given my past performance, it's the best I've run in quite a while so I'll take it.
Weather: 18C/64F. felt cool. This is the ideal temperature for me….
Weight: 57.4kg (56.8 before the run).

3:00 - 12k easy in 1:07:18 @5:36

11:00 - 8k easy 44:15 @5:32
2:00 - Gym workout
3:30 - 12k easy in 1:05:45 @5:28. Legs felt fine.
Weather: 18C/64F
Weight: 56.7kg

2:00 - 13k with 3k warmup, 4k, 3k, 2k hard.
4k in 16:48 @4:12 (walk 6:00), 3k in 12:15 @4:05 (walk 5:00), 2k in 8:08 @4:04.
Felt good. A little soreness in hip joint the last 500m, so abandoned the plan to do 400 x 2, 200 x 2.
Weather: 16C/61F
Weight: 57.5kg

11:00 - 6k easy in 35:11
2:00 - 12k easy in 1:04:17 (different course, may have been a bit short).
Weather: 17C/63F
Weight: 57.2kg
Getting ready to watch Kawauchi in the New York City Marathon. Great live feed on


  1. That was a great 5km.Keep it up.

  2. Good time for an old bloke Bob. 18:57 is way better than 19:01. Although he was a km behind, Kawauchi had a crack to stay with the pack, which I like. Amazing that he only took 1/2 a day off work, flew straight back and was at work the next day!

  3. great stuff bob, that's definite progress. can't believe kawauchi, and he finished 2nd in melbourne in 2:11 just 3 weeks ago

  4. Man, they are very nice splits for that 5K. Good job. This may be a silly question but why did your weight increase after that run? Or am I reading it wrong?

  5. Mark - well, I ate a lot that night.