October 28, 2013

Good Run, Short Course

Week of Oct. 21 ~ 27

Highlighted by the Namban Rengo club 10K/Half, which turned out to be 9K/20.1K due to an abysmal measuring job by the race director (not me!).

2:30 - 12k with 4k warmup, 8k tempo in 33:31 @4:11.5/k.
Felt a bit "weak" at first, but ok after 2k and got down to 4:03/05 for the last 2k.
Weather: 20C/68F
Weight: 57.1kg

Gym workout

7:30pm - club track workout 1200, 1200, 1200, 1000, 800, 400.
4:39, 4:31, 4:34, 3:38, 3:14, 1:36
Felt ok, legs fine. Ran 1200s fairly hard, pushed the 1000, eased off on the 800 and 400.
Weather: 18C/64F, 70%
Weight: 57.6kg

12:00 - 12k easy in 1:07:45 @5:39/k


11:30 - 13k including 9k race.
Time was 35:36, which would be 39:33 for 10k.
I was hoping for about 39:00, so this was ok. It was quite warm, at least 20C and sunny, so probably warmer. It was also extremely windy (course was along the banks of one of Tokyo's large rivers, the Arakawa). This was very helpful for about 5k, not helpful for about 4k.
I went out at a good but not overly ambitious pace for about 2k, turned and ran pretty well into the wind for 4k, then really got into a nice brisk rhythm for the last 3k, enabling me to catch and pass 3 guys who had been about 100m ahead. It was a shock to reach the end and see 35 on the watch. How he managed to be so far off, I don't know, but no sense moaning about it and it was only a club run anyway. There were about 30 in the 10K and 25 in the Half. I had 2 people to run with early and 3 people to catch late, which is nicer than being all by yourself.
It was a good, hard effort and nice preparation for my goal Half on Nov. 17.
BBQ afterwards with about 80 people, so it was an enjoyable day.
Weather: 20C/68F ?
Weight: 58kg