April 8, 2013

One Week To Go

One week til Boston, I guess I am ready, but we never know, do we?

Week of April 1 ~ 7


3:00 - 17.5k. Ran in the nearby park (5k loop), which has a short (150m?) hill at the beginning of the loop. So ran 3k warmup, then 2k of hills, running the downhills faster, although I was still so stiff it wasn't very fast.
Then 5k in 22:52 @4:34/k, which was not bad. Walked 4 mins and ran another 5k in 22:07 @4:26/k.
Felt much better on the second one. Then ran up the hill hard five times. So a pretty good workout.

7:30pm - club track workout. 1000 x 4, 600 x 2
The workout was 1000 x 6, but my right calf got very tight on the 4th one, so I slowed up, and then just ran two easy 600s. Don't want any calf problems!!


11:30 - gym workout
2:00 - 22.9k with 8.5k easy, 500m hill up/down x 5. Hard up and down, with 100m jog after each 500m. Then easy 8.5k back home. Calf was fine, but legs got tired the last 4k. Another good workout.


2:00 - 13 Namban runners came out here to run my course and go to the nearby onsen (hot spring) afterwards for bathing and dinner. Special guest was Becky Wade, a very good young American runner who received a fellowship to travel around the world for a year experiencing running cultures. She has been to England, Italy, Ethiopia, New Zealand and a bunch of other countries. She emailed a long time ago that she was coming so I arranged for her to stay with several club members while she is here. We ran 5k at 5:00/k pace, then 10k at average 4:23/k. I was working a bit, Becky seemed to be not even breathing. If she was, I couldn't hear it. She was just cruising easily along. Well two weeks before, she had jumped into the NZ track championships and won the 5,000 in 16:25!
Her blog is at beckyrunsaway.wordpress.com

So, an easy week and then Boston. Leaving on Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes.....


  1. I'm looking forward to watching from here and seen how you and Brett Larner go! All the best Bob you've come a long way back from injury I hope you can make the most of it on the day.

    Sure to be memorable no matter what. Safe travels.

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    1. Go get 'em Bob. Will be following online. Have a great race and visit to the US.

  3. Very best of luck Bob , look forward to your report and the end time. Safe travels.

    Best wishes Keith.

  4. Have a great race Bob. Run well. You have done the work. Good luck. Jon & Tamami

  5. If I'm up at 1am? Monday I'll check the athlete tracking. Hope flights and travel is smooth going.

    Checked Becky's blog - see she ran a 4:32 street mile (slight downhill course) - no wonder she wasn't breathing! The original course record video is worth searching for on youtube.

  6. Hope you and friends are OK Bob.

    Saw you had a tough second half by the splits.

  7. Also thinking about you Bob update soon if you can.