April 24, 2013

Boston Seeded Runners

In my Boston post, I neglected to mention a cool thing that the BAA (Boston Athletic Association) does: they "seed" the top ten runners, male and female, in each 5-year age group from age 45. If you are one of the top ten, you get a list of all of them. The seeding goes by qualifying time. My 3:08:22 put me third in my age group. You also get a small blue number to put on your back — mine was M65. So while you are running, you can check out the others in your age group — you'll know if one passes you, or if you are catching one.

The top seed in my age group had run a 3:04:22. And he won the age group in 3:08:18. If I had run a good race, I would have been there with him, but that's the way it goes.
I suppose I could have run more conservatively, aiming for 3:20, and maybe I would have made it...but hey, you've got to go for it, right?