November 18, 2012

Some Running; New Diet

Week of Nov. 11 ~ 18

Ran 6k Monday (500m run, 100m walk x 12) and went to the gym on Tuesday.

Ran 1200 x 3, 800 x 2, 400 x 1 on Wednesday night, all at 5:30/km pace.

Went to the gym on Thursday and did 30 mins. on the elliptical machine (10' x 3). Plus abs and weights. I like the elliptical, although like a treadmill, it gets boring. Namban member Fabrizio told me it was good for sore knees because there is no pounding, so I gave it a try. I will keep doing this a few times a week, probably even after my knee is all healed.

Friday: 10' x 3 on elliptical, wts and abs.

Saturday: 8k with 500m x 4, 1000m x 6, all at 5:30 pace. Knee was ok.

Sunday: 10' x 3 on elliptical, wts and abs.

And now, as Monty Python said, for something completely different. My new diet, recommended by another Namban member, the brilliant (and fast) Frenchman Harrisson Uk, who likes experimenting with training and nutrition even more than I do.

The first reference article (down on the bottom) is a good introduction.

Bob's Ketogenic Diet (not 100% ketogenic)

A ketogenic (from ketosis), low carb diet is NOT a high protein diet. 
It's a high fat diet, with a moderate protein and a very low 
carbohydrate intake. When you reduce the amount of 
carbohydrate and increase the fat and protein in your diet, it has 
the effect of switching your body into fat burning mode. 
Instead of using the easily exhausted sugar from carbohydrates for 
fuel, your body burns stored fat for energy (goes into ketosis state), 
and it's this fat burning process which greatly improves health 
and well-being.

Main points of the ketogenic diet are:
1. Sugar in all its forms is toxic. This includes fruits and fruit juices.
Eliminate it 100%.
2. Starches are bad: bread, rice, pasta, noodles, potatoes, crackers.
3. Carbohydrates (including vegetables) are to be avoided as much as possible — ideally zero, but small portions of rice (brown rice better), 
pasta, vegetables (better with creamy or oily sauce) can be eaten.
4. Protein is ok, but not too much.
5. Fat is your friend.
6. Good foods: FISH, meat, nuts, avocados, cheese, all dairy, 
olives (& olive oil. Also coconut oil and palm oil. 
Note that other types of oil are not good, they have omega-6 fats).

Breakfast (6:00 or 9:00)
Toast with butter and ham or sausage or bacon
Glass of whole milk
Cup of tea with cream or whole milk
(I need the toast because I can't eat just ham, etc. and it gives me 
something to put the butter on. Eggs would be good but I don't like eggs.)
(Previously: Summer - veggie shake with orange juice, spinach 
or komatsuba, carrot, banana, protein powder. 
Winter - dish of oatmeal with low-fat milk, banana, raisins and sugar)

Lunch (12:00)
Half a block of tofu, often with half a can of tunafish
Soy-based dressing (Japanese style, regular oil)
A few pieces of cheese
A few olives
(Previously: 1/3 block tofu with non-fat dressing, bread or crackers with peanut butter)
Note: I don't like natural peanut butter, but love Skippy. 
Reason: Skippy has sugar in it. Bye bye Skippy.

Snack (4:00)
Handful of nuts, coffee with cream or whole milk, no sugar

Dinner (6:00)
No change (whatever my wife makes, usually fish or meat with rice or 
pasta and vegetables). No bread. Sometimes a glass or two of wine.
Coffee with cream or whole milk, no sugar. No dessert.
(Previously: coffee with low-fat milk and sugar. Used to also eat 
a few cookies or dark chocolate, but gave that up in June)

Snack (11:00)
Mixed nuts and cheese
(Previously: sweetened yoghurt with muesli and raisins. 
Also a banana or crackers with peanut butter)

(the above one is great - when you get down to what he eats, you will be amused and shocked, and, if you're a vegetarian, appalled)


  1. Hi Bob, these paleo style diets (whether with dairy or high protein or not) are getting traction in the running communauty. Like harrisson i was swayed by Tim Noakes recommendation of the diet . i have been following a relatively high protein version of this for a few months and find the results pretty spectacular so far(extra leaness but also great reduction in my recurring tendon inflamations ...) ... Bevan is also a strong advocate of this..
    good luck with it...

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  3. Bloody hell. I need to eliminate all the things I like! Except for peanut butter ;-)

    Interesting. I guess how you feel on a 30+ k run would be the big thing. That could be a while away though.

    Curious about a couple of things. You always have some stored carbohydrate so do you notice the fat burning switch early? Say, 10k into a run? Also, can't one train the body to burn fat easily by doing Lydiard-style base training and cutting out anaerobic running? Does the diet enable one to do marathon training with a shorter (25k say) long run?

  4. what ewen said! seriously! that's everything i like. i like the going into fat burning mode, though...i surely have some! thanks for your comments on my blog...and i love it if you'd join me somewhere along the road in 2013. let's keep in touch. how's life otherwise??? hope all is well.