November 25, 2012

Running Without Pain

What a pleasant experience! I'd almost forgotten how it felt.

Week of Nov 19 ~ 25

8k — 500 x 2, 1000 x 6, 500 x 2 (100m walks in between)
Average 5:25/k. Slight soreness at time, but knee was basically ok.

Weights, abs and 20 mins elliptical (10' x 2). Knee was feeling a little sore after the second 10', so stopped.

8.4k. Track workout - 1600, 1200, 1000 x 2, 800, 400
All at about 5:00/k - good!
No pain at all in knee - good!


10k - 4k to and from Makuhari (from father in law's) and another 2k watching the Chiba International Ekiden. Lots of fun, even though it was raining. Kenya 1st, Japan 2nd, USA 3rd. Great 10k runs by Jake Riley (2nd in leg in 28:46) and Galen Rupp (1st in leg in 28:20). I talked to Galen a little before his leg and watched him and also the 4th leg runners (Emma Kertesz of the US also ran really well - a name to remember).
I did also cheer for the Canadians and the Australians (by name)!
For the complete race report see (with my comment on the bottom)

8k - 1000 x 8 (100m walks)
5:47/39/32/34/38/33/23/10. No pain.
Great Thanksgiving dinner at the Griffen's, where the guests included Jake Riley and his coach, Keith Hanson (of the Brooks Hanson Team). Real interesting to talk to them.

10k - 1000 x 10 (100m walks)
6:10/5:30/17/23/18/18/10/11/16/00. No pain.
Still taking it easy - don't want to push too much.
Planned to go to the gym today and run tomorrow, but forecast is rain all day tmrw, so will rest then. Fortunately, the knee was fine, even with 3 days of running.

First week of ketogenic diet, although I still ate too much carbs and protein, esp. on Saturday!
Still, I lost .5kg. I'm liking this diet, and think it will be good for me. Went to Costco and bought lots of nuts, cheese and sausage. Now that's a good diet!
I hope after one more week I will be back to normal (but not high mileage) training, ready to start my buildup for Boston.


  1. you had no weight to lose!!! i like the cheese and sausage idea, though.

  2. Good to hear about the pain free running. About time! Thanks for cheering, but we were pretty ordinary. Canadians did well.

    Isn't cheese about 50% of the normal American diet? Should be much of a transition ;-)

  3. "Pain free" is great news with time to train before Boston. Will follow build up with interest.