October 22, 2012

Knee Improving

My knee is improving - no pain when walking, almost none when going up/down stairs. It does hurt if I twist it, though. The plan was to wait until there was no pain, then wait another week, then test it.
So I'm think of trying to jog a little bit next Sunday.

In addition, a friend told me about a very good orthopedist - Japanese doctor, but he speaks English (not absolutely necessary, but helpful), who can do an MRI right in his office and give you the results on the spot. This is great, as going to a Japanese hospital for an MRI is a very lengthly hassle requiring two visits.
So I plan to go see him tomorrow, even though there has been definite improvement.

If you (or at least, I) pinch the front of the kneecap with thumb and forefinger, both fingers rest in depressions. Where my right front thumb is, the depression is much less. In other words, it is swollen. However, after 5 weeks of not running, I don't think "swollen" is the correct term. There may be something there that shouldn't be there, and possibly should be removed. That's what I want his opinion on.
This would seem to be where the meniscus is, so it may be a meniscus problem. I'm quite sure I didn't tear the meniscus, however, because the problem was caused by only slight running, not enough to cause a tear, I'm sure. Anyway, I will get his opinion.

Hopefully, I will be running next week.


  1. Good luck. Smart move to get some expert advice.

  2. Sounds like good progress. Wish you well on the diagnosis.

  3. Good news about the MRI Bob. Something wrong there if there's a difference right to left. Interesting video on 'runner's knee' (but I you might have something more serious) - http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-241-286--14566-0,00.html