June 17, 2012

Still No Running So Here's an Aussie Music Video

Hamstring still sore, so no running yet. It is improving, but I plan to be super-cautious and not run until I am sure, no doubly sure, that it is healed.

Now for all you Aussie blokes, do you remember this? Most people, at least Americans, think it is a Johnny Cash song. Some know that it was done before him (and better) by Hank Snow. But the original version was by Lucky Starr.

Here is the Hank Snow version.


  1. That was great Bob. I was a boy when they used to play the Aussie version on the radio. Great geography lesson! I've been to a bloody lot of those towns (and a few in the US). Interesting that Tuggeranong, Brindabella and Canberra get a mention. Impressive how both can remember the words!

  2. I thought you'd enjoy that, Ewen.

  3. Yes! It was one of my G'Dad's favorites! Even mentions the town that he and his parents come from, "Kurri Kurri"!