November 13, 2011

Nice Week with a Good 10K at the End

Week of Nov. 7 ~ 13

Plan: 0/20/10/17/20/10/18 - 95km
Ran: 0/20/11/18/20/0/22 - 91km / 56.5 mi. 6:07


11:30 - machines and core at the gym.
3:00 - 20k in 1:49:21 @5:28
Felt ok. HS and left quad sltly sore last 5k.
Weather: 18C/64F, 40%, cloudy
Weight: 61.3kg

7:30pm - track workout.
200m jog in between 2:20~3:05
Felt pretty good and ran hard. We had a big, fast A group, in fact, there were 16 or 17 people ahead of me. A lot, considering I was running 3:30 1000s. The club never had this many fast people before.
Weather: 15C/59F

3:00 - 18k of fairly easy running. 5.5 to school, long break, 7k with 1k hill loop at a decent pace, break, 5.5k back.
Legs tired but not sore.

3:30 - 20k in 1:43:27 @5:10
26:54/26:29/24:52/25:10 @ 5:24/18/4:58/5:02
Felt good, not running hard. Only very slight soreness.
Weather: 12C/54F, rain, hands were cold....
Weight: 61.6kg

Didn't really have time to run so decided to rest for tomorrow.

10:00 - Total 22k (approx) at the Namban Rengo Half and 10K.
Ran the 10K in 40:27. Wanted to run half marathon pace (for race next Sunday) at 40 or faster, but 40:27 was ok. It was rather hot, actually. The course alongside the Arakawa river was completely in the sun.
Then ran 2k or so out and back twice pacing people in the half, including one woman who I ran with for 2.5k who ran a 1:32, so that was about 4:20/k pace. Ran more than I intended to, but had no soreness at all.
We had over 90 people out for our run and BBQ, of whom about 70 ran. A great day.
Weather: 24C/75F, sunny, a very warm day for Nov. 13.


  1. Bob I think your last 800m on wednesday night was not 2:24 maybe 2:42 ?

    Anyways, nice blog ! :)


  2. 40:27 is more than OK Bob. Hope you have a good race this weekend.

    We've finally overtaken your temps - 30C today. Looks like it'll be a long hot summer :)

  3. Right, Harrisson, It was actually 2:47.