November 29, 2011

Easy Week

Week of Nov. 21 ~ 27

Ran: 0/0/11.4/12/0/12/20 - 55.4km / 34.4 mi. 4:58

Rest after half marathon.


7:30pm - club track workout.
4:47/4:41/3:47/3:46/3:13/3:11 (200m jog, abt. 2:00)
12s and 8s were intensionally at about 4:00/k pace. Pushed the 1000s somewhat, but felt kind of sluggish.
Weather: 14C/57F

2:00 - 12k in 1:09:09 @5:45
Very easy. Legs sore from yesterday, or actually still from the half marathon.

Rest - race tomorrow.

11:00 - Run for the Cure 10K. Charity race (breast cancer).
They give good prizes for the top 3 (not a high-level event) so if I had a chance, I planned to run hard. However, 5 guys took off fast at the gun, 3 of whom were from my club and I knew they were fast. So with no chance for a prize, I opted to run with former American School runner now mother of 4 Sara Wilhelm at her pace, which turned out to be 42:22 (she finished 3rd in the women's div.). A nice day and a nice run. We also had the event's special guest, Ai Ueda, running with us. She is a former Japan and Asia triathlon champion, and is on the Japan team for the 2012 Olympics. She was cruising even more easily than I was, and we even chatted a bit. Her PR is 34:07 - at the end of a tri, I assume. Photo below.
Weather: about 16C/61F, sunny

1:00 - 20k in 1:54:04 @5:44
Easy run, legs a bit tired.

Next week is the club 5,000m time trial on Wednesday, which I won't run too hard, as I have an ekiden on Sunday (6.4k leg).

Unrelated topic: Reading Keith Richard's Life. Great book. Not just "great" as in fun to read, but a really, really good book. Highly recommended.


  1. Wish I could look that easy. Wish I could run 42:22!

    Next time you're chatting to Ueda tell her 10ks at the end of tris are always short. That'll get her stirred up.