July 3, 2011

Finished with Hills!

Week of June 27 ~ July 3

Plan: 0/20/10/15/20/15/20 - 100km
Ran 0/20/10/15/20/15/20 - 100km / 62 mi. 8:39

This week was the last of my hill workouts - 5 weeks of them. I have to confess, I'm got quite tired of them, and the heat makes them very difficult. Next week starts a new program...which I'll tell you about next week.


11:30 - Machines and core at the gym.
4:00 - 20k with 10k hills.
27:02 4:30/59/27/59/34/5:12/4:40/24/5:47/4:34
24:58 - happy to stay under 5:00/k on the last 5k, had to kick last 100!
Hot! Legs stiff, stomach heavy. Stopped for water (rest!) at top of 5th.
Weather: 31C/88F, 40%, sunny
Weight: 61.2kg
Shoes: 185g

7:30 - 5,000m time trial at the track.
19:12 3:46/48/53/56/48
Felt fairly good, time good for the heat. Led a group most of the way. Felt like it was a nice pace - not killing myself, but didn't especially want to go faster.
Weather: 29C/84F at the track
Weight: 60.5kg
Shoes: 145g racing

3:30 - 15k in 1:21;26
Easy run, felt ok.
Weather: 26C/79F, rain then sun

11:30 - Machines and core at the gym.
2:30 - 20k with 10k hills.
27:35 4:41/5:09/4:41/5:07/4:40/5:03/4:38/16/5:38/4:18
23:21 @4:40
Hot and legs felt tired on the hills - because it was hot?
Surprised that I was able to run 4:40 pace coming back, but it was not easy.
Weather: 30C/86F, 50%, cloudy, some rain
Weight: 60.5kg
Shoes: 180g new AdiZero Japan - felt good.

3:30 - 15k very easy

2:30 - 20k with 10k hills. (Had to run at 2:30 as I had to go out at 5:30.)
29:09 4:36/56/38/46/36/58/39/32/5:37/4:35
24:24 @4:53
Hot! Felt exhausted last 4k of hills and 5k back.
In cooler weather I was running the uphills under 4:20 and today the downhills were 4:32 and 4:35!
Managed to stay under 5:00 pace for the last 5k. Then staggered to the drinking fountain.
The last hill workout and I did work hard at it.
Weather: 32C/90F, sunny
Weight: 60.9kg
Shoes: 160 AdiZeroPro


  1. an awesome week in the heat.

  2. How do you decide which shoes to wear?
    Good week.

  3. Looks like a hard week. I have been running trying to get a good base as I will officially start my marathon training next week. I am still not sure which program I should try this time. Any suggestions? I was thinking of bringing Andrew and possibly Peter up to do some track workouts maybe twice a month until school starts for them. What time on Wed are you running at the track? It is so hot these days that I am not sure how I will train with speed the rest of the summer. Today was a little cooler and I was able to manage 6 miles at around 7:30-7:50/ mile pace. I am planning on running the Kamakura run this month. It should be fun!

  4. Jon - The faster I plan to run, the lighter the shoes.

    Sara - I think you should just devise a "what works for me" program. Include one long run and one semi-long run with a few km (as many as you can handle) or marathon pace at the end.

    Wednesdays we start at 7:25. Be there about 7:00 if you want to change in the locker room.