June 19, 2011

Lovin Those Hills

Week of June 13 ~ 19

Plan: 0/20/10/15/20/15/20 = 100k
Ran: 0/20/8/25/30/15/20 = 98k / 61 mi. 8:14


11:30 - Machines and core at the gym.
2:30 - The usual 20k hill workout (1k x 10 hills) in 1:38:18
28:27 4:21/5:14/4:20/56/22/57/16/01/5:19/3:58
24:00 @4:48
Felt ok. Left knee sore after 3k, but 2 stops for stretching fixed it (I always stop twice for stretching before the hills).
Weather: 25C/77F, 50%, cloudy
Weight: 60.4kg
Shoes: 185g SkySensorNeo

7:30pm - 400 x 4 x 3 at the track
89/81/80/80 - 81/80/81/79 - 80/79/81/77
Total run and rest 2:00, so only abt 40 sec. after 400s. 400 jog (4:30) between sets.
Running with (behind) 6 other guys.
Felt good but not great.
Temp: 19C/66F
Shoes: 160g AdiZeroPro

4:00 - 15k recovery in 1:23:16 @5:33
Weather: 25C/77F, rain last 6k

4:30 - 20k hill workout in 1:38:59
27:47 4:36/5:10/4:28/5:14/4:27/5:15/4:29/4:09/5:29/4:15
23:35 @4:43
Legs a bit heavy and very humid (after rain). Also ate lunch with client (usually I do not eat lunch). Did ok considering.
Weather: 20C/68F, 70%, felt like more.
Weight: 60.6kg
Shoes: 185g AdiZeroPro

3:30 - 15k recovery in 1:23:16 @5:33. I guess this is my recovery pace.
Felt ok at this easy pace. Light rain.

1:30 - Machines and core at the gym.
3:30 - 20k hill workout in 1:34:44
27:46 4:14/5:01/4:16/59/12/5:08/4:16/3:59/5:39/4:00
21:09 @4:14
Felt ok on hills and good last 5k - didn't have to work hard.
Weather: 24C/75F, 55%, cloudy
Weight: 60.4kg
Shoes: 160g AdiZeroPro


  1. Your Thursday and Sat 15 Km runs were the same time to the second...are you a machine?

  2. Another good week Bob. Your easy run pace is my MAF pace! I still haven't started doing 'formal' hill intervals yet. Doing my 'rolling' hill course in the interim.

  3. hi bob - are you doing this hill work for a defined period? ps. like the photo from tm2011 at the top

  4. Hi Marty - yes, I am doing this for 5 weeks. It will end at the end of next week. Then I will do 9 weeks of a 3-week program that is a bit too complicated to explain now.

  5. 40 second rests - you're speedwork continues to amaze me.

    ps. I can finally comment again!!!