February 21, 2011

A Satisfying 10K Race

Week of Feb. 14 ~ 20

Plan: 0/20/10/15/0/8/10K race - 63K
Ran: 0/20/12/15/0/7/10K race - 64k / 40 mi.


11:00 - Machines and core at the gym.
1:00 - 20k in 1:50:23 @5:32
Legs felt heavy.
Weather: 9C/48F, sunny

7:30pm 2000/1000/2000/1000
7:58/3:43/7:56/3:43 (400m 5:00 jog after 2000s, 300m 3:00 jog after 1000)
Not all out on the 2000s, but hard on the 1000s. Felt ok, but just "ok."

3:00 - 15k in 1:21:47
Easy out in 43:09 @5:45.
In: 500m pickup, 500m easy, etc. But stomach felt heavy and legs were tired, so the pickups were not very fast. And only did 6 instead of 7. Start of taper for 10K on Sunday.
Weather: 12C/54F, 50%, sunny


3:00 - 7k easy in 40:20 with 2 500m pickups - just cruising in 2:06/2:03. Legs felt fine.

Ome Marathon 10K
I was hoping to run under 39:00 and place in the top ten in the 60s age group — the Ome 10K is only for high schoolers and masters (40s, 50s, 60s, 70s), and therefore attracts a very strong field in each group.
I’ve only been doing marathon training (LA marathon is in one month), but am in pretty good shape.

Before the start I was feeling good, having tapered for 3 days, and the weather was good — about 8°, cloudy, no wind. I wanted to go out the first 5k at a “good” but not “fast” pace, and then come back as fast as I could.
And that is exactly what happened. The first 5k is actually hillier than I remembered, 3 ups and down, but more up than down. I ran it in 19:25, cruising along behind a guy from 2k to 5k. The turnaround is at about 5.3k and I picked up the pace, passing that guy but fortunately got in with 3 men and 2 women. We kind of went back and forth leading and falling back but I was with most of them most of the way, which was good, because I got into a good rhythm and maintained it to the end. The second 5k was 18:45, for a total of 38:10.

That got me 4th place in the age group (774 men). Which got me a towel and a medal (top 6 got prizes).
1st was 36:52, 2nd was 36:58 and 3rd was 37:29. Maybe I will do more speed work next year and go after those guys. (5th was 38:48).
The best performance of the day was the winner of the 50s division, who ran 33:28. A really excellent time that I think puts him up with the top 50-year-olds in the world. He would have been 4th in the 40s!
There were 15,000 in the 30K (won by Jason Lehmkuhle of the US, a 2:12 marathoner) and 5,000 in the 10K.


  1. Terrific stuff Bob!

    If you feel OK today, bodywise, then you are really looking good for LA.

    Seriously, I'll run that race next year or definitely on entering the 50 year age group.

    No better way for a PB than to run with your peers, like that! I mean I will sometimes let a younger guy go past without responding, thinking that he has something that I don't but won't let someone near my age pass me without a fight ;)

  2. Great result Bob. Averaging 3:49 per Km for 10k is top class. You're in great shape for LA.

  3. Great race Bob! always inspiring to see masters running well. Now to avoid injuries before LA right ? Arnaud

  4. great stuff, Bob. looking very good for LA.

  5. Enjoyed the report Bob. Impressive medal - it looks like a Victoria Cross!

    You ran well. Can definitely challenge for the top 3 next year. Great concept for a race - U20 and 40+ runners only. Good time from the 50+ winner, but I think Keith Bateman would win easily, even at 55.

  6. what ewen said...that's a very nice medal. congratulations. LA is waiting to be conquered at 3:02!!

  7. What a great race and a great time! Very cool medal! Keep up the great training until LA!! You will do great I'm sure!

  8. Great Race Bob, and that medal is fantastic!