February 6, 2011

A Good Week

Week of Jan 31 ~ Feb 6

Plan: 0/24/10/22/20/20/30 - 126km
Ran: 0/24/12.3/22/20/20/30 - 128.3km / 80 mi. 11:29


11:30 - machines at core at the gym.
1:30 - 24k in 2:07:51 @5:20
27:04/04/26:13/14/21:15 @5:24/24/15/15/19
Slight discomfort in the thighs last 4k.
Wore new Asics Sky Sensor Neos, which are great. Light. but not too light, with a solid feel in the forefoot (no insoles). These will be my marathon shoes.

7:30pm - 1000m x 6 in Yoyogi Park.
3:50/48/52/51/52/46 (interval: 200m, 2:40)
Felt ok, but not great. Nice workout, with a group of about 12 running in the 3:40s (4 in the 3:30s).
Temp: 6C/43F.

12:30 - 22k in 1:49:55
8.5k/5k hills/8.5k
27:04/18:45/23:26/16:33/24:05 @5:24/22/hills/4:49/48
Hills: 500m x 3 hard up, 3 hard down. For some reason, it's hard to run fast downhill, but I finally got the last two down to 1:48 and 1:50 (which is still only 3:36/40 for 1k).
Weight: 60.8kg
Weather: 9C/48F, 30%, sunny

11:30 - machines and core at the gym.
1:00 - 20k in 1:52:56 @ 5:39
Easy pace, quads sore last 4k, but good that they are sore, since that means I am working them hard.
Weather: 12C/54F, 20%, sunny

2:30 - 20k in 1:52:40 @5:38
Quads sore last 5k.
Weight: 60.1kg
Weather: 10C/50F, 40%, sunny

2:30 - 30k in 2:32:11 @5:04
27:26/17/26:41/24:54/23:55/21:55 @5:30/21/21/4:59/47/23
Wanted to do a progression run, so pleased to have done that. Also wanted to do the last 5k in under 4:30 pace, so pleased with that also. Legs felt pretty good all the way.
Weight: 60.3kg
Weather: 11C/52F, 40%, cloudy

Shifting the hard day from Friday to Thursday and doing easy pace runs Friday and Saturday seems to work well.


  1. I'd say Friday's sore quads are a direct result of Thursdays down hills. But nice session to do after Tuesdays work.

    These downhills shouldn't leave you sore for more than a day after but will be doing you good. They are Hosaka's favorite session and he is still doing alright!

    Did you see he ran 2:42:... for the Marathon on Sunday, just gone. At 62, Incredible I reckon. And Peter Magill just won the Master's Cross Country in the States in 26 minutes at 49!

    Plenty of good runners out there to inspire us.

  2. Knew that Brett said that Hosaka wanted to go under 2:40, but 2:42 is yes, incredible. Saw Magill's result. He is clearly the best runner by age in the US, maybe in the world. Oh wait, maybe Hosaka is.

  3. Another good week. Well done.
    Do you take your insoles out of your shoes?
    What do they weigh? (the shoes, not the insoles :-) )

  4. No, Steve Moneghetti is the best runner for his age in the world ;) Last year 30 flat for 10k at 47.

    Yes, curious about the insoles too. Solid week. Not surprised about the downhills after the Wednesday session. Sat/Sun double a good one.

  5. On the subject of best runners there is a guy in Queensland 56 years or so who runs 15 something for the 5 Km.
    Whilst the top masters athlete in the world is a guy in my club in Melbourne who is about 64 and covers 10km in 42/43 minutes. Not bad for a walker!

  6. Yes, I forgot about Moneghetti.

    I do take the insoles out of my shoes. Don't use them in any of my shoes anymore. The new shoes weigh 185g / 6.5 oz.

  7. Been thinking of you as you are training for LA. I am almost through my P90X program and can't stand to not run any longer. I am finally adding back in a couple of days of week. I guess I will just have to double up on my exercise for the next month. How is your leg holding up?