March 1, 2010

Good 5k and MP Run

Less mileage than I wanted, but had two good runs.


20k @5:24
Thought I might not be 100% recovered from the hard 35k on Sunday, and I was right. Knees and quads got progressively sore the last 5k.
11:00 - weights and abs in the gym

12:00 - 12k @5:33 Legs stiff, took it easy.
7:30 - 8k with 5,000m time trial on the track.
18:38 3:53/41/43/43/38 (15 seconds faster than last month)
After I took the first k out too slow, Fabrizio and I got into a good pace. Felt better the last 3k then the first 2. Strong to the end, last 400 in 83. A good run.
A bit chilly, not cold. Wore shorts and no-sleeve top.
Weight: 60kg
Shoes: 220g Nike Cage

20k @5:27
Quads a bit sore.

10k @5:42
Legs heavy, could not move. Had time for 15k, but cut it short.
Legs tired, very windy, quite warm (long-slv shirt was too hot) and too soon after breakfast!

24k. 5k @5:24, 4k @5:01 15k @4:20
Ran in the morning to beat the rain. Felt so-so. Legs ok but definitely not fresh. Not cruising, had to focus on the pace. But a good marathon pace run.
Time: 11:30
Temp: 14C/57F
Weight: 61kg
Shoes: 220g

15k @5:17
3x around Imperial Palace after cheering for Nambanners at the Tokyo Marathon, which was cold (3C) and hard rain. Miserable! But the sun came out in the afternoon.

Total for week: 109km (68 mi.) 9:26


  1. Another good week Bob. Nice going with the 5000 and the Saturday MP run. You did well not to be running Tokyo - not great for spectators, but poor old Steve had an even worse day going by his blog.

  2. Yes, whenever anyone asks me about a winter marathon, my answer is going to be: Four words — Los Angeles Not Tokyo.