December 28, 2008

Sunday, Dec. 28

30k in 2:59:40. Out: 1:28:50 In: 1:29:50
150m walk after 3k. 200m walk after 15k and 24k. 
Quads and hamstrings tired and a bit sore last 5k. Last 3k in 6:10, 6:20, 6:20 but did not feel like I was slowing down. I guess my stride was getting shorter.
Time: 2:00
Wt: 61.1kg
Weather: 12°, sunny, a perfectly calm, nice day.
Shoes: 430g.  (350g +20g flat insole + 60g custom insole.) These are my usual well-cushioned shoes for long, LT and easy runs. Marathon shoes will be 320g (280 +20 +20). All shoes size 8-1/2 (26.5cm)

Legs very tired at end. Maybe four relatively hard days a week is too much. Have to be careful.
Next Sunday is another 40k onsen run, so can't do as much on Saturday.

Week: 91.7k. 8:54 (8:39 run + 0:15 bike)

Saturday MP runs in Koganei Koen (no forced stops). 5k loop measured by me and marked every k.
Sunday long run along cycling path to Tama-ko, partway around and back. Marked every 100m. Occasional short stops for traffic lights and trains.
Thursday LT run at either place, depending on what I feel like. Don't mind occasional stops at LT pace.


  1. Welcome back to the Sunday run!
    Hope to run together next time, happy new year!!!

  2. 40 Km training runs seem to me quite long. A few nambaners seem to be doing this (maybe even longer).For a late march marathon at this stage I think 32Km runs at a reasonable pace would be better than 40Km at a fairly slowish pace. But each to his own.

  3. Well, I basically agree, but Mika and Yuka like to do 40 and I am a gentleman. Also I feel I can handle it ok. Also, I am not completely adverse to putting extra distance in to keep building up my quad muscles.