September 25, 2017

100+ K Week

103.4, to be exact. Although it was 7 days of running, and did come after a 63k week, so the average was 83k. Still, 100k is 100k.

Week of Sept. 11 ~ 17
63km, 6:21 running time

Monday - 116', 19.5km, but with two long rests. To and from school (5.5km) plus 5 miles at easy tempo pace with JV girls.

Tuesday - Rest and gym workout.
Wednesday - Track workout 1200, 1000 x 2, 800 x 3, 400
4:49, 3:50, 3:52, 3:10, 3:03, 3:00, 84.
3 mins. rest after the first 3, 2:15 after the 800s.
Felt pretty good, ran hard trying to stay with various people.
27C but didn't feel too hot.

Thursday - 102' 16k. To/from school with some easy hills.
Friday - gym workout then 90' run.
Saturday - Legs tired, knees sore, will take two days rest.
Sunday - Rest
Weight was about 60.3kg all week.

Week of Sept. 18 ~ 24
103.4km, 10:43 running time.

Monday - To/from school plus an easy 8.5k.
Thought my legs would be fresh, but no, they were tired and kind of sore.

Tuesday - Biked to school and ran 4 tempo miles with No. 5 varsity girl at 7:07, 7:04, 7:13, 7:16.
(7:15 = 4:30/k). Loop includes two small hills. Top girls (British freshman twins) were running 6:40s and did 5.
Felt quite good and weighed 59.8kg.

Wednesday - Track workout 400, 1600, 1000 x 2, 800 x 2, 400.
The 1600 was a time trial for those who wanted to do that.
My time was 6:23 which seems pitiful, but is as fast as I can go. Then 3:53, 3:51, 3:10, 3:06, 88 easy.
Legs slightly heavy, but felt surprisingly good after yesterday. Was able to "lift" for the last 400 of each 1000. Wore light shoes.
24C, 65%, so rather humid.

Thursday - 111', 17k. To/from school, 6k up and down hills and stairs on a nice (and new to me) woodsy course not too far from school.
Friday - 78'. Planned 90, but left calf a bit sore, so cut it short.
Saturday - 90', legs felt tired but not sore.
Sunday - 120' 19k. Easy pace about 6:20 per k, legs ok, but getting sore at the end.
After being under 60kg for most of the week, ended at 60.4 due to pigging out somewhat on Saturday (with wine).


  1. 100k is a lot of running Bob. You're going well. Nice times on the track sessions. 6:23 is a good mile pace, for a marathon.



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