February 21, 2016

Two Weeks of Good Training

Week of Feb 8 ~ 14
82.8km / 51.5 mi.

Week of Feb 15 ~ 21
74.4km / 46.2 mi.

Two weeks of pretty much following the program. One rest day, three easy days, one interval day, one tempo day, one longer day.

Sunday the 14th did 22k. The following week was a bit different as there were two days - Monday and Saturday - with cold rain. I hate cold weather, but of course have to run in it, but damned if I have to run in cold rain. I'm not English or Irish! So took Monday off and ran Tuesday, then took Saturday off. Actually, I did a pretty good tempo run on Friday, 14k with 7k at 4:45 pace and the last one at 4:15, so my legs were tired on Saturday anyway.
Today, Sunday did 24k.

Finished the week at 59kg, so am gradually losing some weight.
Next race is a 10K on March 13 - sorry, Scott, I won't be able to go cheer you in Yokohama, but hope to meet you sometime before the race.