January 25, 2016

80K with Snow

Week of Jan 18 ~ 24

80.4K / 50 Mi.

A week almost exactly the same as last week, except that we had snow on Monday. As if I wasn't bummed out enough to be back in cold weather, I now have an icy running path to contend with. Wherever the sun doesn't hit, the snow remains, in fact there is still quite a bit along my street, and that means quite a lot of icy patches on my running path. Mostly gone by Thursday, fortunately.

So took a rest day Monday and cut the Tuesday run from 12k to 10k, because having to slow down every 100m for an icy stretch is no fun.

Wednesday the park was clear, so we managed a good workout: 2000 x 2, 1000, 500 x 2.
Which I did in 8:01, 8:08, 3:54, and about 1:54 x 2. 4 min, then 3 min walk in between.
6C/43F, 43%,-5dp

12k easy

1:00 - gym workout
3:00 14k easy but a bit faster coming back, with 100m x 4 fast in the last k.
11C/52F, 27%, -8

12k easy

2:30 - 20k in 1:51:31. 5k sections @ 5:53/49/23/14
Not a bad run, felt ok.
7C/45F, 22%, -13dp