July 28, 2015

Bangkok Weather

Week of Jul 20 ~ 26

62km / 38.5 mi.

Up to 35C/95F on Saturday and Sunday. However, some like it hot, and I am one of them.

Monday2:00 - 12k with 6k tempo in 27:57 @4:39/k.
Felt ok, although legs a bit tired.
34C/93F, 50%

Weight machines and core training.

7:30 - club track workout. 12k with 6.2 warmup, 400m x 12.
90-100 sec. in between, with 3:00 after the 6th.
Split everyone up into groups of about 10, which worked well.
Felt pretty good, running with faster guys, so worked hard. Times significantly faster than when running alone.
29C/84F, 60% (at the track)

2:00 - 8k easy.

12:00 - Yes, ran at noon, because I had to go to a meeting later.
8k with 4k tempo in 4:55/5:04/4:55/4:47
Problem was not so much the heat, but legs not recovered from Wed.
Only ran 4 because going to do a longish trail run on Sunday.
33C/91F, 50%

12:00 - Weights and core
2:00 6k easy

1:00 16k at seaside town of Kamakura, south of Tokyo. Club trip to the beach.
Did a very easy 6k with a group of 34 in 42:00, partly through the town and partly on a trail (steep in parts). Then 10k at a faster pace with a group of about 10 in 1:02:36, mostly on trails with quite a number of steep climbs/descents. All in all, pretty tough on the legs.
Very hot, but cooler up in the wooded trails. Lots of beer afterwards!


  1. Can't beat hot weather to help the beer go down. Good week Bob - the trail run sounds like a good'un.

  2. Bangkok's weather is too hot to handle for me but its good for some people. Anyway, I just love going around Bangkok so I will definitely find ways not to mind their hot weather.


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