August 3, 2014

Nice Week But Hot Weather!

Week of July 28 ~ August 3
76.8km / 47.7 mi.

28° was a cool temperature this week, and we're looking at 33/34/35 next week.

4:45 - 12k in 1:03:47. 6k easy in 36:22 @6:04/k, 6k tempo in 27:25 @4:34/k.
Felt really heavy and sluggish going out, but after 3 stops for stretching and some strides felt ok coming back. Running at 5pm is much cooler, with a breeze. Only ran 12k, due to time trial on Wednesday.
28C/82F, 60%

12:00 - weights and core at the gym.

7:30pm - Club track workout. 6.8k warmup, then a 5,000m time trial.
Time was 20:01 (4:01/01/00/04/3:55).
Felt good and was moving well, even had on my racing shoes, but was only running 4:00 ks! They felt like 3:50 or less and also felt like I was speeding up each one...but wasn't. Which goes to prove that heat and humidity slows you down more than you realize.
27C/81F (?), humid.

3:00 - 12k, Out in 31:00, In in 28:12 @ about 5:30-35. Legs felt surprisingly good. Had to run at 3:00, but ran on a shadier course than my usual one.

12:00 - weights and core.
3:00 - 10k, same course. Out 29:36, In 26:24 @5:54/5:17. Hot but felt ok.

4:30 - 12k with 6k very easy and 6k hard in 25:41 @4:16/k. Felt good, ran a strong pace all the way, picked up last 300m. Course may be a bit short....

4:30 - 18k in 1:44:18 @5:48. 53:51/50:27 @ 5:59/5:36.
Felt ok.
58.6kg (3 nights of drinking quite a lot of wine, including dinner at a nice Italian restaurant on my World Cup pool winnings, caught up with me).


  1. 33-35 is pretty hot - we get quite many days like that in late January, February. But -7.6 overnight today! Coldest August morning in 20 years.
    Interesting about the heat/humidty for the 5000. I ran a steady kph 5k run on the treamill a while back and my HR actually declined when I turned on the fan half way through which is a good demonstration of the stress of heat.

  2. Very nice Wednesday splits there Bob. Is the track you run on the same as the one in your profile picture? Question: Why the world over do we run on a track anticlockwise? How strange would it be to run the other way around?

  3. Mark: Yes, that's the same track. As for why we run that way, I don't know, but it would be weird to go the other way.