February 9, 2014


Week of Feb 3 ~ 9

Saturday brought the most snow in Tokyo in 45 years — 27cm, and it seemed like more.
I shoveled 90 minutes today, in front of our house and a ways down the street, and it was wet, heavy snow. That was a good workout, so I didn't run - would have had to run on a treadmill in the gym anyway - most roads and paths are not clear.

Monday - Back from Bangkok
Tuesday - More rest, also rain and some snow.

7:30pm - Club track workout.
6 x 1000, but cut first 2 to 800 since my knee was quite sore.
3:31/3:29 4:19/08/09/11 (walk in between).
It was freezing cold, so hard to run, and I didn't feel good anyway.
Weather: 2C/36F, windy so felt colder.
Weight: 59.5kg (up from pre-Bangkok weight, but not so much)

3:45 - 12k in 1:05:06. Out 36:03, In 29:02 @6:00/4:50
Felt good coming back.
Weather: 5C/41F, cloudy
Weight: 58.7

12:00 - Gym workout W/ core
3:15 - 16k in 1:23:10
Out 46:02, In 37:08 @ 5:45/4:38
Last 4k in were 4:40/40/20/07, so last one was faster than Wednesday night.
Felt good, knee was not too sore going out, and fine coming back.
Weather: 7C/45F, sunny
Weight: 58.4

I realized that I really need a long warmup, with several walks and light stretching, before my knee feels ok. This is my problem on Wednesday nights - I only warmup up about 2k. I need to get there earlier and do a 5 or 6k warmup.

Heavy snow all day
Snow shoveling

Next Sunday is the Ome Marathon 10k - a race only for masters, so a bunch of good runners show up in each age group (10 year age groups). I hope to run a good race. Will do a pretty easy tapering week, after Monday.


  1. Your snow made the news down here. At least you don't live in Minnesota - you'd be shovelling every day for months! Have a good 10k - sounds like a competitive race.

  2. Sorry just heard it got cancelled! Sorry to hear that.