December 22, 2013

Recovery Week

Week of Dec. 16 ~ 22
41.6 km / 25.8 mi.

Monday and Tuesday
Rest after 10k race. Knee sore.

7:30pm - track workout - 9.6km.
1200, 1200, 1200, 800, 800, 800
4:36/28/28 2:58/56/55
200m jog after first 2 1200s, then walk rest.
Felt pretty good and ran well despite cold and rain.
Weather: 6C/43F, rain
Weight: 58.6kg

Meetings all day, but knee sore also.

Cold rain - good excuse to rest the knee another day.

11:30 - 12k with 6k easy in 33:43 @5:37/k, 6k fairly easy tempo run in 27:28 @4:35. Pace went from 4:45 to 4:20.
Felt pretty good coming back. Faster than I thought I would run, actually.
Weather: 7C/45F, sunny

10:30 - 8k very easy
3:30 - 12k in 1:03:19 @5:16/k. 5:24 out, 5:08 back (with wind). Felt good.
Weather: 8C/10C, windy
Weight: 58.1kg


  1. Didn't congratulate you on your 38.27 Bob. Well done. Look after that knee of yours. Enjoy the KFC on Christmas day.

  2. Weather was 19C/66F when I jogged this morning. Calm and low humidity. Beautiful! Hope you enjoyed a peaceful Christmas and all the best for 2014.