August 11, 2013

Leg is Ok, Ready to Run

Week of Aug. 5 ~ 11

38km / 23.6 mi.

Took it easy this week just to make sure the calf muscle tear has healed, and I'm now sure that it has, so I'll start my training program from tomorrow.
Which will be:
Mon: 12k - 6 easy, 6 at "good" or "fast" pace, depending on how legs feel.
Tues: Rest
Wed: 11k - w/ intervals on the track, 1000m x 6 or similar variations.
Thur: 17k - am 8.5k easy, pm 8.5k easy
Fri: 12k easy
Sat: 14k - 3kWU, 10k of some type of long intervals, 1kWD (or switch with friday?)
Sun: 24k - am 12k easy, pm 12k easy (or 10/14)
Total 90k / 56 mi.

10k easy with walks after each 2k
Weight: 58.2kg

Gym workout

7:30pm - 8k track workout, 1000 x 6. All about 5:10, last one 4:53 - just easy to test the calf. No pain or stiffness at all.
Weight: 58.9kg

10k easy, walks after 4k and 8k.

Gym workout.

2:30 - 10k easy. Hot! 37C/99F. Was doing 2k loops at a decent pace with other guys. Drank water after 3rd, 4th and 5th. Planned to do another but felt a bit dizzy, so quit.
Weight: 58.2kg

Gym workout
Weight: 57.7kg.

T&F World Championships has started out great for Japan with a bronze medal in the marathon by Fukushi. She is a real character, has long been my favorite Japanese runner. I've liked her ever since a long ago interview in which the announcer asked her, after winning a race, so what are you aiming for next? It's an annoying question, when you've just finished a big race, but Japanese always say something like: The Olympics is 2 years away, so I'll start training for that. Fukushi said: I'm aiming to see how much beer I can drink tonight.


  1. Looks good. You are certainly weather?

  2. good to see you back running. thanks for sending the namban rengo vest. stay fit bob.

  3. Nice reply from Fukushi. I also watched that race and was wrapped to see another Japanese come home in 4th place. It had to have been really hot out there too judging by the gap between 3rd and 4th. All the best for the week ahead.

  4. I like her too! Bloody good answer. Our TV coverage here is delayed highlights. Thank goodness for streaming. Missed W 10k - saw last km on TV, with Japanese lady pushing the pace, running a PB, but getting flogged in the last lap. Future marathon runner?

  5. She has run marathons. She won the first Tokyo marathon.

    She looks "too thin" - body fat percentage 3.1 - but then, she is the 5th best in the world....

  6. Glad to see your injury has healed and you are back training. Looking forward to Watarase!