December 16, 2012


Week of Dec. 10 ~ 16

Ran a wee bit longer, but my knee hurt a wee bit more at the end.


Tuesday - 14km
AM - gym workout including 10' x 2 on the elliptical.
1:30 - 2000 x 7 (200m, 2' walk breaks)
Didn't try to run faster, it just happened. Wore heavier shoes (more cushioning) which felt pretty good.

Wednesday - 13.6km
2:00 - 1000 x 6 (100m, 1') @ about 5:30/k
7:30 - track workout 600 warmup, 1600 1200 1200 800 400
1600 @4:35/k, 1200s @4:55/k
Knee ok but quads sore! That's kind of nice for a change.

Rest  (2 days on, 1 day off)

Friday - 14km
AM - gym workout inc. 10' on elliptical.
2:00 - 2000 x 7 (200m, 2')
11:21/10:40/28/19/18/17/05. Knee ok.

Saturday - 16km
2000 x 8 (200m, 2')
11:33/10:53/37/21/9:49/48/44/56. Decided to run second 4 under 5:00 pace, but knee got a bit sore the last k of the last two, so may have been a bit too much. Also, I hesitate to say this, but my left hamstring was slightly sore - hope that does not come back!
I think at this point in my training, I can call this a hard workout.

Rest. Knee feels a bit sore. May rest Monday also.

Next week I think I will go slightly longer, but slower.
Here's an article on elliptical training. Maybe I should be doing more of this, rather than more running.

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