January 30, 2012

Bad Start, Good Finish

Week of Jan. 23 ~ 29

Plan: 10/30/10/15/20/10/35 - 130km
Ran: 0/0/11/20/20/20/35 - 106km / 69 mi.   9:55

The week started off with a cold (caught from my wife), but finished with a good 35k.

Felt weak from cold.

Still suffering.

7:30pm - 11k. 5 x 1000 in the park (track closed).
Cold is pretty much gone, but not ready to do a real workout.

2:00 - 20k in 1:57:45 @5:53/k
Very easy, but both hamstrings sore. I think this is turning into a chronic hamstring problem. Have to get aggressive with acupuncture, massage, kinesio taping.
Weather: 6C/43F, 20%, sunny
Weight: 61.3kg

11:00 - machines and core at the gym.
2:00 - 20k in 1:50:08 @5:30/k
Too cold to move well.
Weather: 5C/41F, 20%, sunny, windy
Weight: 60.6kg

2:00 - 20k in 1:56:38 @5:50/k at Tsudanuma (Makuhari)
Easy day. Into cold wind coming back.
Left hamstring slightly sore.
Weather: 6C/43F

2:45 35k in 3:08:49 @5:24/k
28:01/27:35/27:08/27:54 (lots of icy places)/26:33/26:00/25:44
@5:36/31/26/35/17/12/09    aver 5k: 26:58
Weather; 6C/43F > 2C/35F
Quite a good run after 3 20k days. Left lower hamstring slightly sore, but not bad. Took one small ibuprofen and put kinesio tape on it - may have helped. Also wore short tights under long tights to keep my legs warm.
First 25k felt easy. Thought I picked up the last 5k more, but I guess I was tired.
Felt much better than the last 3 days, but I was mentally ready for a good run, which I think makes a difference.

Only 4 weeks to the Tokyo Marathon (and 3 weeks to the Ome 10k), so this will be my last 35k. I'll probably do two 30k runs with 15k at MP.


  1. Yes, 3 20s then a 35 is some good back-to-back running. Shame about the hamstring niggle. Worth getting on top of if you can. Strewth's had a niggly hamstring for about 3 years!

  2. Yes that certainly is a solid block of running after a cold.
    I also have had a hamstring problem for about 3 years although a niggle can be handled if you are careful. Take care.
    Good luck.

  3. Tom tells me that you are his longest friend in Japan! But he doesn't read your blog! I told him if he wants to get back into serious racing he should!