December 11, 2011

Slightly Better Week and Great Party

Week of Dec. 5 ~ 11

Ran: 0/0/10/15/15/12/25 - 77k / 48 mi.   6:52

Rest after good ekiden run yesterday. Quite sore in some strange location that is not quite hamstring, not quite butt, not quite groin...somewhere inside there. But on the left side now, not the right as two weeks ago (?).

1:30am - machines and core at the gym.
Tried to run, but still quite sore, so better to rest.

7:30pm - Club track workout 1000m x 6
4:13/19/16/19/20/27 (jog 200m, 2:20)
Took it easy. Hip area a bit sore.

12:00 - 15k in 1:22 @ 5:28/k
Slight soreness, but not bad, maybe because I took 2 ibuprofen at 9:00.
Weather: 8C/46F, 60%

4:30 - 15k in 1:17:15 @5:09/k
Slight soreness but felt ok.

9k in Yoyogi Park before the Namban Rengo year-end party.
Then we went to the track and had 2 teams of 4 guys each trying to run a 4-minute mile. Each person ran 100m 4 times (run, then jog back to where you started). Last leg was 109m (mile = 1609m).
Could they do it? Well, four guys, going all out, the times were 4:12 and 3:56. Success! The 3:56 team was anchored by our top runner, Joe Stowe from Georgia Tech, who is an 800m guy. What this shows is that a 4-minute mile is really fast! This is a fun thing to try, but I'm warning you, you have to have four pretty fast guys (ok, or girls). I didn't run - didn't want to aggravate the sore hip.
(You can also do 200m x 2 x 4, but I prefer our way).
Easy 3k afterwards.

6:30pm - Namban Rengo party with 92 people. And we know how to party! A few photos are below to induce you guys to move to Japan and join our club.

2:30 - 25k in 2:09:19 @5:10/k
26:45/26:01/25:25/25:33/25:34 @ 5:21/12/05/06/07
Felt pretty good. Pace was very comfortable. Slight soreness the last 10k in what seems now to be the upper hamstring. I plan to follow my previous plan of ignoring it until it goes away. (But not doing any fast running.)

Like I said, we know how to party!


  1. that party looked pretty awesome...

  2. You guys DO know how to party! Is that a bleary-eyed Steve Lacey in the second last photo?

    Yes, a 4-minute mile is fast. I'd need a downhill course and a running start to get near 15-flat for 100m these days.

  3. Yes, that's Steve - the closest he's ever going to get to nirvana.