August 14, 2011

Slogging on in the Heat

Week of Aug. 8 ~ 14

Plan: 0/20/11/15/24/15/30 - 115km
Ran: 0/15/10/15/24/15/30 - 109km / 68mi. 9:46


11:30 - machines and core at the gym.
4:45 - 15k in 1:25:34 @5:42/k
Very hot and I knew my quads would be stiff and heavy from Sunday night, so did an easy 15k. Stretched after 10k and picked up last 5 with difficulty.
Weather: 32C/90F
Weight: 59.8kg

7:30pm - Namban club workout on the track.
WU/3:41/4:32/4:32/3:36/2:51/83. Plus extra 400 with slower people in 91.
200 jog +1min rest after 1000s, 400 after 1200s (water after 2nd 1200).
30C/86F on the track! But felt pretty good and ran fairly well.

8:30pm - 15k in 1:23:50 @5:36
Ate dinner at 5:00. Quads a bit sore.

10:30 - machines and core at the gym.
5:00 - 24 in 2:03:48 @5:10
26:50/26:33/25:14/24:37/20:30 @5:22/17/02/4:55/4:53
Wanted to run 5:00~5:15, so perfect. Felt ok.
Weather: 32C/90F, 50%
Weight: 59.7kg

4:00 - 15k in 1:27:00 @5:48
Different (shady) course. Might be a bit long. Legs tired and heavy.
Actually 12k is enough for a hot Saturday recovery run.
Weather: 32C/90F, 50%
Weight: 59.5kg

4:15 - 30k in 2:39:38 @5:19
Heat and heavy legs made first 10k slow. Felt better next 10k. Last 10k, program called for MP (4:20), but planned to be happy with 4:40. Surprisingly, the first 3k was at 4:20, but then slowed to 4:40. *Totally* exhausted at the end.
Stopped at water fountains at 7k, 13.7k, 17.9k, 27.2k (didn't plan to stop at 27, but dying of thirst). Also took energy gel cubes 3 times and stopped to stretch after10k and 20k.
Weather: Guess what? 32C/90F, 50%. 30 at finish.
Weight: 59.9kg

I think I will cut down the Tuesday and Saturday distances a bit so I can run hard on Wed., Fri. and Sun.


  1. no wonder the effort is hard and there's a bit of fatigue creeping in. these are tough temps to work in, not far off se asia conditions.

  2. big distance in such warm weather. really great stuff.

  3. Strong workouts, Bob. Doing 100k+ in such conditions is awesome! Keep it up...!

  4. The weather sounds pretty awful Bob, but you're hanging in there. Some good workouts. Can beat you slightly - 33C when I ran on the track at Vegas, but that was 7pm. Wimped out with the 107F daytime temps and ran on the treadmill.