March 29, 2011

LA Marathon - The Splits

No running last week, so might as well post my LA splits - a story that did not have a happy ending.
Target pace was 7:01 per mile (3:04).

1 6:43 Up > down
2 6:47? Down. Rain started. Mile marker blew away.
3 6:47? Down. Rain stopped.
4 7:07 Up. Rain started, steadily.
5 7:12 Large up, short down.
6 7:00 Large up, short down. Had been running with other people, now alone.
7 6:54 Slight up/down.
8 7:02 Running behind a very tall guy. Still steady rain, but not hard.
9 7:08 Slight up. Cheered by family.
10 6:55 Hollywood. Still behind guy. Rain now hard.
11 6:56 Pain in upper left thigh. Manageable.
12 7:04 Running alone again. Rain varies from hard to very hard. Windy gusty at times. This continues to the finish.
13 7:18 Halfway about 1:31:36. Basically running alone - until the finish.
14 7:01 Pain in right groin also.
15 6:48 Down.
16 6:45 Down.
17 7:50? No mile marker. Slight up. Calves started to hurt.
18 7:50? Slight up. Rodeo Drive. Realized I slowed way down.
19 7:25 Hard rain, wind against us.
20 7:31 Slight up. Calves now very sore.
21 7:46 Slight up. Cold, drenched, calves painful.
22 7:56 Slight up.
23 7:55 Happy to stay under 8:00. Just trying to finish without calves giving out.
24 7:51 Down
25 7:49 Down
26.2 9:32 Slight "kick" last 100m. Freezing after the finish. Needed the space blanket.Family found me and wrapped me up and got me to the car as quickly as possible. What fun!

Thru 16 miles: 1:51:29 = 6:58/mile = 3:02:30
Thru 20 miles: 2:22:05 = 3:06:17
Last 10.219 : 1:19:37 = 7:47.5/mile


  1. Ouch!. Horrendous conditions. Something fundamental must have happened to drop a minute per mile between miles 16 and 17, your calves must have been in serious trouble. Sounds like you were fortunate to survive the ordeal.

  2. Painful reading Bob. Something to do with the cold conditions (as well as the overly thin shoes) leading to the calf cramping?

    Anyway, hope to see you re-group and put that fitness to test in some short races.

  3. Well done in such hard conditions.

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