September 6, 2010

Unrelenting Heat

Week of Aug. 30 ~ Sept. 5

Plan: 20/20/20/30/0/20/20 - 130km
Ran: 23.4/17.7/16/7.8/15/35/0 - 114.9km / 71 mi. 10:02

Plan got altered due to start of American School X-country season, so I ran with the kids 4 days. Monday is their hard day, so I will run long on Saturday and rest on Sunday for the next 8 weeks.
As for the heat, this is officially the hottest summer ever in Japan since record keeping started in 1898. We are now at over 50 days/nights of the temp never falling below 25C/77F, and the average temp is way higher than ever. And it's supposed to continue for another two weeks!

3:30 - 23.4k. To school and back (5.5k each way, easy pace). 11k with top 4 boys, including about 5k @ 4:20-4:50.
(Long rest after arriving at school and short rest before starting back).
Weather: 33C/91F > 30C/86F, 30% > 45%
Weight: 59.7kg

3:30 - 17.7k. To school and back, easy. 2k easy. 800, 400x2. 800, 400x2, 800
3:15/1:28/1:23/3:04/1:27/1:29/2:53 (with top 6 girls, last one with No. 1 girl)
Weather: 34C/93F > 30C/86F, 30% > 50%

4:30 - 6k. In Nogawa Park, next to school. 3k warmup, 3k time trial. 11:00 (@3:40/k). I came in 4th (ahead of 31 boys). The good thing was, the next 6 boys in back of me were not too far behind, so the team should be pretty good (the girls team will be awesome).
7:30 - 10k. 1000 x 6
Legs a bit tired, but running easily. On the 4th, ran the last 300m at a good pace with Paddy (I was in group B, he was in group A). Last one barefoot, then 1000m easy barefoot.
Temp: 4:30: 32C/90F, 7:30: 30C/86F

4:30 - 7.8k. At school, 600m hill x 4. 2:58/3:00/2:42/2:46. With girls, average effort.
No time today to run more.

2:30 - 15k. 1:24:44. 29:33/29:08/26:12
Weather: 32C/90F, 40%

1:00 - 35k. 3:14:44. @5:34
28:39/27:55/27:31/28:05/27:17/53/21 @5:44/35/30/37/27/35/28
Legs real tired last 10 (15?) k. Not bad pace, considering that and the heat (had to run at 1:00 because I had to go out at night).
Weather: 34C/93F > 32C/90F, 30% > 40%

Weights and core in the gym. Because I forgot to go on Tuesday and had no time on Friday.


  1. After all that running through the summer come fall you will be so fit you'll be flying Bob.

    I hope you can "gaman dekiru" the next few weeks.

  2. Good effort in such conditions.Especially Saturday
    "That which does not kill us...etc...".
    Oh and its 14 degrees here in Melbourne. :-)

  3. Tough doing a 35k run middle of the day in that heat. Just hoping we don't get a long hot summer down here. An ominous sign though - the first day of Spring in Sydney was the hottest such day (26C) since 1865.

  4. Yes Ewen I went for a swim at Manly that day.