July 19, 2010

140K With Two Good Runs

Week of July 12 ~ 18

Plan: 25/20/25/15/25/30 140k
Ran: 25/20/25/15/20/35 140k / 87 mi. 12:48

Finally got to 140k! Which is much more satisfying to say than 87 miles.
And felt good at the end of it!
Only running in light shoes these days, and with no insoles. Feels good, no problems.

Rest (So important - gotta have a rest day!)

10:00 - 10k 30:34/28:43 @5:55/k (24C/75F, rain)
11:30 - weights and core at gym
4:00 - 15k 1:15:54 @5:03
26:22/24:39/24:54 @ 5:15/4:57/59
Felt real good after 4k warmup. Had to force myself to run slower than 4:50. Two runs are better than one on easy days. The one in the morning is kind of a slog, but the one in the afternoon feels great.

11:00 - 12k 34:33/33:28 @5:40
7:30 - 8k 400 x 4 x 3 sets
Running easily, legs felt fine. Last two barefoot.
Club divided into 6 groups of 6-8 people, everyone enjoyed the workout.

4:00 - 25k 2:03:51 @4:56
5 x 500m hills in the middle.
27:41/26:16/23:34/22:09 @5:32/15/4:42/26
Middle 5k of hills was 3 up hard, 2 down hard.
Up - 2:16/13/13/41/49 Down - 2:34/34/36/1:54/56
Last 5k was 4:30/30/30/26/15. Didn't think it would be so fast! Quads felt ok.
This was a good workout.
Weather: 28C/82F, 55%
Weight: 60.1kg

11:00 - weights and core at gym
4:30 - 15k 1:24:52
Legs tired, as expected, from yesterday. Very hot day, but cooled a bit, with a breeze, from 4:30
Weather: 31C/88F > 28/82, 55%
Weight: 60kg. I seem to have come down from around 61 to 60.

11:30 - 20k 1:56:27
59:30/56:56 @5:49
Legs tired, very hot. 2 water stops.
Wanted to run 10/15, but had to go out in the afternoon.
Along Tamagawa Josui (shady, next to a stream), so distance not quite exact. I should map this carefully on Map My Run.
30 > 32C/90F, 50>40%
Weight: 60kg

3:30 - 35k/21.7mi. 3:17:25 @5:38
Tamagawa Josui. Total distance and splits approx, but very close, esp. first and last 5k.
Legs felt ok and surprisingly good last 10k. Tired last 5k, but quads ok and could run 5min kilos.
Wore Nike fuel belt and drank lots - refilled all four bottles.
Weather: 31C/88F > 27, 45% > 60%
Weight: 60.9kg (bigger than usual breakfast and lunch)

I will try another 140k week, then cut down the following week.


  1. "Two runs are better than one on easy days. The one in the morning is kind of a slog, but the one in the afternoon feels great."

    I agree with this. My friday night run is always my best one and you'd expect that to be my hardest coming at the end of the week.

    I don't need rest days while training, it seems that they only serve to tighten me up. But a break from the doubles and a easy jog works to refresh me.

    Keep up the good work Bob,yes and keep up the drinking.

  2. A good week. I would like to have the time to do a double one or twice a week but ..... In summer we do have a Twilght Series which is an informal 10k run at different venues around Sydney on a FRiday evening. I always run in the morning so it is a doule. A great way to start the weekend.

  3. Just one word... Wow! You'r a stud! My dream is to be half of what you are in 10 years when I turn 63 (by the calendar).

  4. You're going well Bob. Interesting about the double days. On the days I've done doubles I've also found that (the AM run being a slog, but a good warm-up for the PM session).

    Got to say I'm slightly jealous of your warm weather!

  5. What prompted the move to light shoes and no insoles? Since I do a good amount of barefoot running, I had to ask.


  6. Thanks for the comments.
    Ewen: Yes, "warm" it is. Wish I could send some of it your way.
    Harry: Well, reading your blog was one incentive! But basically, I just find that the lighter my shoes get, the better I feel. However, at 140k a week, I cannot do much barefoot running.

  7. Well done! I was in Tokyo there a couple of weeks ago and its bloody hot for training. Glad to be back now in the natural-air-con of Ireland. Just checked Namban Rengo, must try a race / training session next time I'm there...

  8. Fxxk me Bob, that's some pretty solid running you're doing there. Trying to ramp up my training too. Need to get back to Oda Field soon.