October 25, 2009

38:58 10k By Myself

Oct. 19-25. 12th week of 18-week marathon program.
Program Menu: 105km. Actual Run: 105km (65 mi.)
Had to do a "race' on Friday, which went well.

PM: 14k w/ 5 x 600m @ 5k race pace
AR: 14k. 11.6k@5:12, 3 x 800m @ 2:52/57/3:03.
3k warmup easy, good 800s with varsity girls, the rest in Nogawa park - may have been a bit short.
Time: 3:30
Temp/humidity: 20C/68F, 55%

American School in Japan varsity girls x-country.
Miyuki, Emiri, Kana, Aki, Arisa, Bessie, Miki
Far East champs (international schools). As are the boys.

PM: 23k@4:48-5:14
AR: 23k@5:23
5.5k to school, 4k in park, rest, 3k ASIJ Fun Run, rest, 5k in park, 5.5k home. Quads a bit sore.
Time: 2:30
Temp/humidity: 22C/72F, 40%
Weight: 60kg

PM: 16k. 10k w/ 6 x 100m pickups, 6k
AR: 16k. 10K @5:33 (inc. 6 x 100m), 6k@5:32 in evening at track
Quads a bit sore. Also core workout at home.

PM: 8k@5:30-6:00
AR: 8k@6:00
Legs a bit tired. Easy because tomorrow is a "race."

PM: 14-21k w/ 8-15k race
Planned: 15k w/ 8-10k all out in Koganei Park (measured course)
AR: 15k. 3.5k@5:50, stretching, 10k@3:53 (38:58), 1.5k@6:42.
10k splits: 3:51/54/53/4:01/55/57/59/00/50/35
Planned 8k @ 3:55 and if feeling good, 2k more. Felt good, so ran 10, planning to pick up last 2k, which I did. Very good run by myself, I think. Felt good last k. Charts say this equates to a 31:30 10k for a runner in his prime.
Time: 4:30
Temp/humidity: 18C/64F, 50% - perfect temp, no wind.
Weight: 59.4kg
Shoes: 192g light racing shoes
Also weights and core at 11:00am in gym

PM: 29k@4:48-5:14
AR: 29k@5:05 (5:12/4:57). 2:27:04 (1:15:18/1:11:46).
Felt ok. Legs getting sore last 6k, but not bad. Picked up last 2k.
Time: 3:30
Temp/humidity: 18C/64F, 60% (rain last 3k)
Weight: 59.5kg
Shoes: 300g


  1. Nice 10Km. Actually I would think this equates to faster than 31:30 but who knows? Good week!!!

  2. Yes, good to pull that out while into marathon training. Nice Photo too!

  3. Great 'race' Bob! 3:35 last k! I'd say it equates to 31-flat, as in a proper 10k you'd be tapered a bit more and being pulled along by those faster runners, so maybe 38-flat.

    I haven't seen that many good looking girls since Scott Brown showed me his photos from Hawaii ;)

  4. nicely done, bob. looks like you are right on track (HA!)for sbi. must be tough hanging out with such delightful young ladies, btw. gotta get myself one of those tee shirts. cheers, sir...see you at dinner in a few weeks.